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A person lives by society’s values, not his own.
Besides necessities for his body, the rest is evaluated only by his pride, which is fulfilled by society.
Therefore, we need a #society that will imbue us with the value of spiritual progress—then we’ll advance.

The upper nature is a system connecting us into one whole.
But we see a broken world.
Just as we draw a picture and break it up into parts
For a child to put it together and understand,
That’s how we have to put ourselves, our broken world, together correctly,
Using hints from above.

The upper world is only revealed in our generation.
The past was only about preparation.
Never before was spirituality revealed,
but today, it is.
Hence, our generation is called the Mashiach’s generation.
Even though we still hate each other…
#Reality @ML_Kabbalah

Man lives not by his own values, but that of the society.
Besides bodily necessities, the rest is only appraised by his pride,
which the society fulfills.
Hence, we need a society that regards spiritual advancement
as valuable, then you can advance.
#Free_will_ML #Kabbalah

In our world, the ego approves of society’s opinion, for this increases it.
On the spiritual path, the ego opposes connection with the group, for this decreases it.
A Kabbalist must choose group’s or society’s opinion. “The Torah’s opinion is contrary to the society’s opinion.”

We discover that we’ve grown by being disillusioned in life.
The developed ego shuts us in,
And we become bound—herein lies the crisis,
And just like in Babylon, we need an Abraham…
#Spiritual_work_ML #Kabbalah

“Uncontrollable urges arise in man,
So that he sees what a tiny animal he is.
To turn to the Creator,
Ask to acquire importance of the goal,
For all the disturbances
To be of lower importance than the goal.
To raise and not lower him…

There’s no good or evil. There are two forces: bestowal and reception. They must unite in one intention. The process of their unification forges the states of the world. Observe it impartially, or you won’t understand it. “A judge is guided only by his eyes,” not heart.

I can’t get rid of egoism
Since I don’t see it correctly:
Only hindrances to unity need correction!

How long must I wander,
Till I realize
What needs to be corrected…

I tried correcting myself for so long,
Till I realized:
It’s unity with the group that needs correction!

Torah is intended only to correct man and practically bring him to union with the Creator—here, in this world, in our unity, to correct the Creator’s concealment, the broken common soul.
Torah is light that returns us to (equivalence with) the Creator.

“A field blessed by the Creator” is the opportunity we have to work in the ten, where we must gather all the parts of our common soul, which now seem divided to us, and unite them into one desire, a spiritual body. Then the Creator will reign inside it.

There’s harmony all around us.
All calamities are the influence of the intensifying good light,
Which we aren’t able to properly receive!

An egoist is someone
Who’s against unity in the group.
All others are animals!

Shift your focus
From yourself to the group—
Then you are looking at the place of the Creator’s revelation…

I created egoism—
The Creator meant
That He manifested in the breakage of the soul.

One who encounters Pharaoh, one’s ego
And submits to him, willing to work for some grub,
Remains there, unaware of enslavement in the ego,
Justifying himself and awaiting rewards.

The Creator is attained by one who overcomes
The ascent against the ego;
In unity, he reveals the Creator.

A newcomer arrives to find out about Kabbalah,
At first he’s satisfied, but then challenges arise,
Followed by complaints.

Entry to the upper world is described in Torah:
After he came to Pharaoh, things got worse!
But how else can we escape from him?

From Twitter, 4/15/18

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