Can The Wisdom Of Kabbalah Save A Person From Depression?

Laitman_092Question: Can the power of the Light that is inherent in the wisdom of Kabbalah save me from depression?

Answer: If your depression exists physiologically, as a result of a shortage of certain chemical substances, then you need the addition of these chemicals. Today, this is a widespread phenomenon.

But if the depression comes from an inner imbalance, then I am sure that it will be filled by the wisdom of Kabbalah. A person moves to a new system of balance. He begins to balance the positive and negative systems.

He requires a proper environment that supports him and a teacher who explains how it is possible to attain the proper mixture of positive and negative characteristics. It is up to him to listen to the teacher and try to implement his recommendations.

The method of Kabbalah elevates a person above all the problems. But the wisdom of Kabbalah emphasizes that the problems will exist anyway, and new problems will begin to appear so that the person will balance them through the right line.

Question: Does it follow that this problem is basically psychological?

Answer: All problems are psychological. If a person constantly receives for himself, then, in principle, he is limited and cannot enjoy.

Question: The wisdom of Kabbalah offers a new formula for pleasure, which is bestowal. If I constantly think about others and bestow, will I be happy then?

Answer: The state of pleasure from bestowal still has to be achieved. But if you have such an opportunity, then your happiness will truly be limitless, you can bestow as much as you want and at the same time enjoy it. In this case, the perception of happiness itself is correct; it is like a mother who wants to give everything to her child.

If a person is in the right group, then through mutual bestowal to each other they not only begin to feel happiness and spiritual ascent, but they also discover that the Creator is among them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/17/17

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