Why Does The World Hate The Jews?


Question: Why has the world always hated the Jews?

Answer: It is because this group of people who left Babylon and began to unite understood and agreed that through connection and unity, we re-educate ourselves and become like nature, a nature that exists according to a single solitary law, the law of general reciprocal connection.

This system exists within us, and in the remaining part of Babylon that was scattered over the face of the entire world, the method doesn’t exist. So, the nations of the world subconsciously feel that we have something that they don’t. It seems to them that we are hiding this, even though most of us don’t know ourselves about that secret.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the right, good, and mutual rapprochement between people above all the divisions and contradictions that separate us will bring them to resemble the general law of nature, mutual connection. This mutual connection is now being revealed more and more in the world and in human society. In its appearance in us, it arouses a completely different feeling of the world. We go out to a level, which is outside of time, movement, and location to other strata of the attainment of nature that are much deeper than those that we feel with our five physical senses.

For the first time in life, freedom of choice has been given into our hands. This is because all seven billion people are acting according to an inherent program. But when we begin to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, freedom of choice appears in us, and we begin to feel what it is. The uniqueness of the wisdom of Kabbalah is in changing a person, giving him an additional sense that helps him feel in what kind of world he really exists. He begins to feel not only the world and our small space, but also the next dimension. The wisdom of Kabbalah raises a person above his egoistic nature.
From the Press Conference 3/11/15

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