Why Are The Jews Hated?

From “The Only Way Out”

It is useless and futile to talk about who, how, and why Israel and the Jews are hated, and everyone is already fed up with this question. The answers to these questions don’t solve the problem since they don’t answer the main question: “What is the reason for the hatred people feel towards the Jews?” Many anti-Semites and Jews look for and find endless reasons for this centuries-old hatred .

In fact, the opposite is true.; there aren’t reasons that lead to hatred but it is the eternal hatred of Jews throughout the ages that depicts the hundreds of “objective” reasons.

It is time to acknowledge the fact that the actual existence of the Jewish nation under the ages of persecution is not just a random phenomenon, but a natural phenomenon that is similar to the force of gravity or the changing of the seasons. We can relate to the Jews any way we like, but the actual fact that they receive such special treatment indicates that it is a unique phenomenon.

Let’s ask ourselves: What is the uniqueness of the Jews? Is it the fact that there are so many Nobel Prize winners among them, or musicians and bankers? Yes, the Jews are known for their accomplishments in these areas and there is no argument about that, but bankers and Nobel Prize winners and even chess players aren’t the only Jews. It turns out that the main Jewish secret is concealed somewhere else.

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