The Influences Of Technology On A Person

laitman_959In the News (from “New scientific research involved with technologies created by people shows that these technologies influence our way of thinking and behavior.

“Radio – Information is perceived as truth, a person’s critical perception of the information is dulled because we hear the voice but don’t see the person to whom the voice belongs. Subconsciously the disembodied voice arouses more confidence than a real person.

“Mobile Telephone – Arouses a state of concern and sleep disorders, because people are constantly waiting for a call.

“Internet – has changed the manner of reading. Instead of reading a full article n in order, now people focus on key words, skimming a page.

“Social Networking Profile – Raises self-esteem because the social networks create an image of the ideal “self”.

“Television – Distorts the perception of real life. In a world created by television, good and evil strive to be absolute. As a result of this, people stop distinguishing between fiction and real life.

“Digital Cameras – With their appearance, people stopped counting the number of pictures. But the photographic process itself distracts the attention from the events that are happening on the other side of the lens.

“Headsets – As a shield against the outside world, headsets in the ears create a sensation of protection from the outside world.

“Computer Games – During the games the player is forced to carry out violent acts. The players are aware that the acts of cruelty are being carried out in a virtual world and not in the real world, but the brain interprets the acts as realistic. Following this, a subconscious feeling of guilt appears with the players, something that inspires them to carry out good deeds in ordinary life.”

My Comment: In my humble opinion, without a doubt we are living in an era of the rapidly changing human. But the main change in us is yet to come; this is a change in our consciousness from “me” to “we.” In the new consciousness we will feel a new world, a higher spiritual eternal world, meaning, free of all the vices of egoism, from time, movement, and location.

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