Modern Society – Unprecedented In History

Laitman_004Opinion (Andrei Fursov, Historian, Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Izborsk Club, Russia): “In the West in the 70s the social basis for the Leftist movement began to disappear. This was derived from technological and economic development. And so in modern society, social injustice has grown, but there has been no response to it.

“The middle class will deteriorate to the level of the lower class, which is called the poverty line. The rich rapidly become richer, the poor rapidly become poorer, the elite conduct a social war against the lower strata. This war also bears an ideological character of vilifying (demonizing) the lower classes. But there has been no response to this from the lower strata! This means that the social system does not function the way the Marxists and Leftists have usually seen it.

“Modern society has exhausted the historical potential of the Left and Right; it has developed according to the logic of the disintegration and degeneration of social class. This is not a new period of the Middle Ages because society is developing on a highly powered technological basis. The society is not directed against Capitalism; rather the elites of the modern Capitalist world are themselves breaking down the Capitalist system.”

My Comment: This is similar to what Marx envisioned, that capitalism would annihilate itself, but it is specifically because a new government of full unity and equality must come as a replacement for it, not as a result of class struggle, but through a natural historical development.

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