In Most Countries 40 Hours + Minimum Wage = Poverty

laitman_926_01In the News (from Zero Hedge):  “The problem of poverty in the world is becoming more acute every year. Income inequality is increasing, and various social programs do not provide the desired result.

“… Many working families depend on government assistance to make ends meet, suggesting it’s tough to persist on minimum wage in today’s economy and indeed, a new study by the OECD shows that in 21 out of the 26 member countries that have a minimum wage, working 40 hours per week at minimum wage does not allow one to cross the poverty line.”

My Comment: The world needs to abandon the past attitude towards work, pay, pensions, and other social parameters. We must begin to treat society as a single whole, and ensure all the necessary conditions for existence for all. Everyone should be obliged to be in a continuous course of integral education.

If someone wants to get more than the “necessary level” or society needs his work, it will encourage him to work. We must detach obtaining the “necessities for existence” from all conditions, except studying the course of integral education.

You can start from providing those who desire with “welfare” under the condition that they attend the Integral Education course. Thus overriding all other benefits.

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