So There Is No More War

Laitman_006Question: Why did such a progressive country like Germany, where Jews lived, begin to destroy them?

Answer: Germany was the National Socialist state, and, as a rule, the formation, which was based on socialist principles, was replaced by fascism. Today, the same thing can be said of northern Europe.

In the Nordic countries, the socialist principle of distribution of the national product dominates, and therefore they now are attracted to Nazism. In general, there is nothing surprising in this. It is a natural path of development.

Germany came to fascism naturally. Hitler was elected by a majority of the people. This is the way history leads us.

Today, we are in a crucial point of our development. Either we will go again on the same path and repeat the same mistakes, or we will understand that we must achieve unification in our integral world.

That is why we are given the method of Kabbalah. We must make the date May 9th the last in the history of war, so that it never happens again.
From the Talk about the May 9th 5/6/15

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