In Memory Of The Holocaust

laitman_293After the breaking, Adam’s soul split into two parts. One part consisted of the souls that were awakened at the first opportunity when they were illuminated by the upper Light; they are called Israel (straight to the Creator).

It was these people that Abraham gathered into his group called “Israel,” and through this group, as if through a pipeline, the Light spread to all the nations that lived in Ancient Babylon. However, some people did not awaken and follow Abraham.

Abraham began teaching his group about unity because, according to the plan of creation, the awakened part of the souls must become a conduit through which the upper Light would affect those who did not awaken on their own. Therefore, the nation founded by Abraham serves as a kind of adapter through which the upper Light can approach those broken souls that are unable to awaken.

From this, it is clear that the nation of Israel is obliged to serve as a transmitter and conduct the upper Light to the nations of the world, which is called “to be a Light unto the nations.”

This is the meaning of humanity’s development. We are not required to make outstanding achievements in culture and technology—the main purpose of the nation of Israel is to set an example and give the power to unite to all the peoples of the world, returning all of them to the one common soul of Adam as it was before the breaking.

And although the nation of Israel had achieved its own correction, it could not hold on to it and began to descend after the destruction of the First Temple, and especially of the Second Temple. In this way, it fulfilled part of its role, reached contact with the Creator, and then went into exile, shattered in order to mix with those parts of the souls that are called the nations of the world.

After such mutual inclusion, Israel must rise and build a connection within itself in order to again become a channel—united on the one hand, with the Creator, and on the other hand, with the nations of the world.

This process has many stages. The nations of the world themselves are pressuring Israel, bringing it on their shoulders to Jerusalem and demanding to make corrections. Everyone must do his or her part of the work until we all achieve a complete correction.

From the moment Abraham’s group received the means of connection with the Creator, that is, from the giving of the Torah and onward, this group has had the responsibility to be the link between the upper power and all the creations.

For every moment of procrastination, when this group does not serve as such an adapter, it feels hatred from all peoples.

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