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Truth is in the disclosed lie. #Manipulation and #exploitation lurk in the concealed lie. Today we tell the truth to another’s face and this behavior is much closer to the raw egoistic nature underlying our every motive. #AprilFoolsDay  Full post:

Efforts need to be made to have expulsion from the property of bestowal and love manifested (destruction of Adam’s soul among us). A sign of salvation is a sense of desperation to reveal bestowal and love—the Creator. This feeling must be shared. From Egypt—exit to unity!

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Egoism assures man that the path should not be uncompromising, as Kabbalah points out. No need to suffer, fighting with egoism, desire to receive pleasure. Hence, parallel to Kabbalah, egoistic religions developed, #Ego-practices, the gifts of Abraham

Religion eases life, allowing replacing internal acts to correct #Ego with external acts for a reward in this and the future world. This helps discern egoism against the Creator’s property of bestowal. Hence, religions and practices are necessary to discern the Creator

It is written: “I am not a messenger,” i.e., the Creator Himself delivers from #Ego/Egypt. This means that I’m in contact with the Creator, without intermediate properties. I feel being against the Creator, in my demand; I associate salvation only with Him. #spirituality

We shouldn’t and cannot correct ourselves! Only one force (#Creator, #Upper Light) can do this. But we must ask Him for it. The #ego isn’t letting us ask the Creator for help, so that, by annulling its power, we would reveal the Creator’s authority in everything.

Nature’s laws are absolute. But nature demands fulfillment of its laws in accordance with one’s #development. Kabbalah teaches us nature’s laws. We don’t change the qualities nature gave us, the 9 Sefirot, but learn how to combine them correctly above our teacher/ego.

The power of group prayer is such that it is forbidden for a member of the Kabbalistic group to ask for oneself, even to do something for the Creator, but only with a request for a group. The one asking for himself causes the destruction of his soul. (Baal HaSulam)

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#The Creator is the property of bestowal and love; it is all that exists, the nature of all levels, worlds. There’s nothing but Him! Man is created opposite to the Creator’s quality—to be able to become like Him and in this measure reveal Him

#Kabbalah doesn’t welcome rejecting ego. #Egoism is matter created by the Creator. The greater it is, the more to correct and become like the Creator. The degree of similarity to the Creator in bestowal and love is called a #screen. It is what we should ask from the Creator

It is impossible to harm yourself or others by studying Kabbalah, because the spiritual world is protected, hidden from your egoism by your own screen. As you cannot lift more than you have the strength for, so you cannot see what you can’t use for bestowal and love.

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Kabbalah allows a scientist to use the force of the forthcoming stage of development in order to ascend—to attain the next level empirically and mentally. Kabbalah is a science requiring the researcher to acquire the properties of the object researched.

If we compare the property of Light/bestowal with the property of egoism/reception, then at different levels of comparison we’ll get physical, biological, chemical, psychological, etc. levels of dependence—the laws of Light vs. desire. This is the nature of all worlds!

With sight we view what is occurring in our brain that has a camera showing us what we supposedly see, as if it’s located opposite to us. But any thinker understands that all that we see is occurring only in our brain. (Baal HaSulam “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” 34)

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A corrected Israeli society would be a united people, though we all come from different nations of Ancient Babylon. But above all these differences we will reveal love and connection. All the differences will turn to unity and the Creator’s #revelation in us.

Man’s objective: to combine individual, fragmented, even opposite qualities. #Unity is revealed precisely in their unification. The Creator purposely prepared this work for us, so that by “assembling nature by its parts” we would attain His (=her) perfection.

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The Creator is the property of bestowal and love. It exists in all creatures. In your relation to them, and in no case apart from them, when you will treat them as the Creator, you will find Him in them, in the measure of your similarity to Him.”

This #Passover waves of #Antisemitism are pervading the world, especially in Russia. We must explain their source and nature not to anti-Semites, for they can’t change themselves or the world; explain to Semites—so that by correcting themselves, they correct the whole world! #Jews

Spiritual work doesn’t require us to embrace the whole world, nation, humanity; a group of 10 will suffice. Thru it we’ll be able to feel the whole world and all worlds up to infinity and final correction. After all, a part consists of the whole, depending on the attainment!

There’s nothing redundant in the world. When attaining the Soul’s system, everyone finds their place. But if not, like a child assembling a Lego, redundant parts remain. By attaining the Creator’s qualities, we’ll reveal everyone’s purpose and the good connection w/ one another.

Advancement is possible only thru the development of the connection with the upper or with the lower—and in no other way. I can’t rise above my level unless in conjunction with the Upper. I won’t rise above my level unless I receive the desire from the lower.

We don’t realize how much we hate the Creator, how distant we are from Him in our properties. We hate Him, namely Him, because “there is none else but Him.” It’s from the point everyone must come to in his development that we must change everything and start to love

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#Torah means the Light that is in it; as per the Creator: “I created the evil inclination/#Ego and the Torah to correct it.”
This refers to the L ight of the #Torah, able to return us to the Source, the Creator. (Baal HaSulam Shamati, 6)

#SpiritualWork #Passover
It’s written: “I am not a messenger,” i.e., the Creator Himself delivers from #Ego/Egypt. This means that I’m in contact with the Creator, without intermediate properties. I feel being against the Creator, in my demand; I associate salvation only with Him.
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