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The Jewish state is one that concerns itself with unity above everything else, while also allowing for the fullest expression of each individual’s uniqueness.
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To someone who really wants to exit the exile of this world and enter the #spiritual #world, the Creator helps, by sending him more and more obstacles in the spiritual work; otherwise, a person will never leave this egoistic world. #Ego #Egoist

The group is obliged to exalt the greatness of the Creator. This will help to lower yourself before Him. To walk by faith above reason in the greatness of the Creator. If one has faith that the Creator wishes everyone well, this leads to the love of the Creator (Rabash).

5. Hatred for Jews, perhaps not obvious and unclear even to them, compels countries to accept Arabs as if to spite Jews. Then they discover that they acted against themselves.
That’s how the Creator governs all, for Israel or against them.
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4. It is written: There is no unnecessary quality in nature, but we are tasked with the mission of correcting every quality, i.e., bringing everything to mutual agreement and love. #Jewish #Israel

3. We must understand that we can’t change any special attitude to Jews—it’s like breaking nature.
Only if Jews correct themselves will anti-Semites disappear. In the general integral view of nature, anti-Semites have the role of a force pushing Jews to develop and be corrected.

2. Therefore, analyzing the property of #hatred toward #Jews, since it is natural, we can distinguish 4 stages in it: from the natural one (blood-related) anti-Semites to those who consider themselves close to Jews. #Antisemitism

1. Like a desire, created as a single one, is divided into 4 parts in its development, HaVaYaH, so is its every particular state or component—into 4 constituent parts. The property of bestowal and reception, the relation toward them also consists of its HaVaYaH.
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We don’t find in man anything that is not found in an animal, except the aspiration to connect with the Creator. It’s inherent only to man! Hence, man must be evaluated only by his yearning for the Creator. Only that exalts him above the animal world! (Baal HaSulam) #SpiritualWork_ML

To the extent that we’ll increase the importance of the Creator/bestowal/group, to attain His properties of bestowal and love as the purpose of creation—we’ll receive strength to rise above #Ego and bestow. It depends on the importance which comes only from the environment!

We attain the Creator only per the properties of organs of perception. Hence, He is called “come and see”/Bo-Reh. In the extent of the correction of my intention to be similar to Him will I begin to feel what I’ll call the Creator. Each time—by the degree of similarity

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While a person is in the ego, he feels the world as dark, as exile, slavery, under the power of egoism/Pharaoh. But as soon as he changes his intention to bestowal, he sees the world as the Promised Land, prepared for him and full of abundance.
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1 Everything, even troubles, come only from the Creator,
2 in order to push you to flee, but not from them—from egoism—to the group-prayer-Creator.
3 Do not only solve them in this world;
4 Treat them as the necessary stages of exiting into the upper world.

Kabbalists attain the complete world, all its steps to the attainment of the highest level of ADAM. Thus the entire upper and lower realities are attained, whereas the attainment itself is called the Soul (Baal HaSulam: “The Secret of Conception and Birth”) #Kabbalah_ML #Reality_ML

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Feeling difficulties and emptiness in spiritual growth is a huge help. Otherwise, one can’t beg the Creator to change him, so he can exit this world into the upper one. Here everything depends on a good environment and proper study leading to the plea.

Unlike J. Stiglitz, I don’t get #depressed, because I know man’s egoism and I don’t expect good deeds from the economy elite. I’d rather wish it success. The farther it goes in its greed, the faster the #world will see the truth and ripen to take advantage of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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We can’t forget that suffering comes only from the Creator and only to push forward. Hence, we must thank the Creator for all our problems and ask to give us the strength to accept them correctly so that they will push us out of this world into the higher world

The greatest misery is to feel that the Creator exists but that He turned away from you. If the Creator left my #consciousness, I would have no thought of Him. But if there’s a small link with the Creator—that He doesn’t want a link, forgot me—it’s time for a #prayer! #God

Anything in creation, harmful or useful, and even the most harmful, has a right to exist and it’s forbidden to eradicate it. But we must correct its harmful influence and turn it into good and useful (Baal HaSulam, #”Peace in the World”)
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One thought immediately created all reality to its final state. This thought acts in everything; it is the action itself and the result, and the meaning itself, and the efforts of accomplishment, and the reality itself, and the reward. (Baal HaSulam, TES, part 1) #Reality_ML #quoteoftheday

Everything is pre-programmed and every #soul is already in its perfect eternal state, pervaded with upper Light.
(Baal HaSulam Letter 25)
Every person is bound to reach the root of his soul.
(Baal HaSulam, “The Acting Mind”) #Reality_ML #Kabbalah

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The war with the rich is near: they don’t pay taxes per their income. #Taxes serve to reduce #inequality. But the richest are taxed less tax. The number of old and unemployed people is increasing, while tax collection is less. How will the issue be solved?

The laws of nature are absolute. But nature requires fulfilling them in accordance with the development of man. Kabbalah teaches us the laws of nature. We don’t change properties given by nature, 9 Sefirot, but we learn how to unite them correctly above our teacher—ego.

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