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The whole creation is HaVaYaH, 5 stages of the Creator’s act. Next, in order to become like Him, creation/HaVaYaH begins to split in particular types—to realize itself in regard to the Creator & gradually build ADAM out of itself—a system of similarity to the Creator

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#Passover/Pesach – from “pa-sah,” a leap—from under the power of #selfishness toward the power of #altruism over oneself. With this begins one’s discovery of the concept of the #Upper_world, #Upper_force, folding into the image of the #Creator.

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Before the sensation of the upper world, man is in exile from it. At first, he does not feel his state as expulsion, but in the degree of the influence by the Reforming Light, he strives to bestow and reveal the opposite state, the #world.

We can’t sense spiritual property/bestowal unless in the 10 sefirot. This is the threshold of sensing oneself existing. The signal’s in us but it didn’t reach the awareness; the desire/brain does not react yet, doesn’t picture what’s happening. That’s the first 9 Sefirot.

Our whole life, our world, is a place of exile from the upper world. We don’t know this without feeling a different, correct reality. Only studying the wisdom of Kabbalah gradually tunes us to a correct vision of the world. The main discovery is that the world is one person!

Egoism is created by the Creator as opposite to Him, so that by developing it we use it contrarily. In egoism there’s the Creator’s force, which develops it and we have a spark of the Creator that allows us to format egoism in the form of the Creator, to become Adam—”similar.”

We are created as one desire. But after its breaking, we separated & rejection/egoism emerged among us. Without destroying egoism, we must build the connection that the ego itself will strengthen! This connection will be 613 times greater than the one created by the Creator!

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Egoism in Kabbalah is only that which prevents one from reaching the highest goal—revealing the Creator. Only the nature of man, which opposes unity with others & cares just for itself is called egoistic. And only now Kabbalah is correcting it.

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The Creator created creation in the opposite property. It is a desire for self-gratification/egoism. It makes us conquer the world but drives us into a dead end. Ego was created specifically this way so that by developing contrarily to it we revealed the Creator

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The spiritual world is present here. There is no barrier between the worlds. It is attained in the property of bestowal that we need to develop in ourselves, above our egoism. #Kabbalah is meant to bring everyone to the sensation (unveiling) of the upper world.

By deceiving people, you deceive the Creator. After all, except you, there’s only the Creator. The Creator wished that man felt existing separately. Except this, everything is filled with the Creator. Hence, by #grieving others, one grieves the Creator. (Baal HaSulam)

Everyone causes the rise or fall of the #world, for the particular and the general are equal. What’s in the general is in the particular and particulars form a common. The general will be known only when the particulars are revealed. So, the actions of each affect everyone.
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