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Matter is the reality given to us in sensations. It doesn’t exist independent of us. We must find in our #unity that the world, this #reality, does not exist. It appears in our broken qualities. Uniting, we will reveal “There is no one beside Him.”

#AntiSemitism is due to the unfolding of the point in the heart in Jews, the rudiment of the property of bestowal, opposite to the ego. This quality emerged when they received the Torah—the method to correct the ego. The Jews’ duty is to master & reveal it to the world to correct it

The State of Israel was created to form unity between people & the Creator “all in one heart.” It needs nurturing, to give birth to the “Nation of Israel” in the “Land of Israel” from any person in the world. Such Israel will be welcomed by all the peoples of the world!

Always practice bestowal, love, concessions, pervading the world. With this attitude, annul your ego that draws a hard, coarse world for you. Having gone through all concealments, unveil a world full of #love & mutual #care. Don’t let the ego draw another world for you!

#Science of Kabbalah is disclosure of the upper force by way of revealing unity. A web unifying people unfolded in the world. We need to correct these connections so they get filled with light. They are broken & manifest as #crisis. Therefore, #Kabbalah is revealed! #quote

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Man reproaches himself that he’s bad—this was done by the Creator!
He reproaches himself for wrongful actions—still the same Creator!
He’s worried about the future—that will be the Creator!
Everything is done only to ask the Creator to reveal His oneness!

Some methods aim one to rise above oneself. But #Kabbalah is a method of recognizing the ego as evil & then aspiring to be above it. So we see in its sources and in the Torah. Everything begins from revealing the ego’s slavery, and then exiting and rising above it.

#Passover is an opportunity to pass over from a state of divisiveness, disregard, and coldness in modern #society, to one of unity, care and warmth.
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#Pharaoh is necessary: he helps us escape from the ego. It was Pharaoh who brought the people of Israel closer to the Creator, His faithful assistant, ego, serpent. Its venom is our medicine; we only need to be sensitive to it & we will reveal the Creator!

I often write that Jews are to blame for #Antisemitism. Kabbalah teaches that the reason is written in the Preface to The Book of #Zoharthat the correction of #egoism as the main property of nature is done by the Upper Light, and it shines through the unification of the Jews.

One who begins to study Kabbalah & is already familiar with it, has touched the knowledge & then gave up because his ego didn’t see any reward in it for himself, shows disregard for the Creator. He must realize that he is doing it under the power of his own ego.

Pharaoh turns us against unity. He inspires the desire toward unity, we cannot live without creating the connection, but he also won’t allow us to connect. In this contradiction lies Pharaoh’s merit! And then we understand that the only answer is to flee from him! #Passover2018

We must flee from Pharaoh, taking away desire vessels from him, leaving him with the intention “for the self.” We want the intention to bestow “for the sake of the Creator” over desire-vessels of the Pharaoh. To do the Creator’s work means to be beyond the power of #ego.

#SpiritualWork_ML #Passover #Kabbalah
Not wanting to obey the ego doesn’t mean “to moan from hard work”—but from lack of reward for ego-efforts (the King of Egypt died). Until we learn that there’s another King, that we desire to work for Him, we aren’t worthy to exit captivity.

#Trump consistently limits movement of people, goods, services, #capital in the world. These freedoms form inequalities among countries for the benefit of the world elite. But when the #world enters overproduction #crisis, Trump’s actions lead to detente #POTUS

The #world doesn’t realize that #Kabbalah explains the laws of nature. Without respecting them, we will suffer more, according to #evolution. The blows will lead to studying the laws of nature Kabbalah speaks of. Starting to follow them, we’ll see the benefit.

Famine in exile isn’t that there’s nothing to eat. There’s no spiritual satisfaction, no #meaning of life, in total material abundance. The people of #Israel, the group, feels that the impetus for advancement has vanished. A good state turns to a prison. And we must escape it.

#Shame in the spiritual is not at all what’s in our world, when we’re ashamed of some ignoble actions becoming public. #Spiritual shame arises as a result of my being dissimilar to the Creator. Only this is the cause of shame and the Creator’s #concealment.

#SpiritualWork #Passover
To see truth: one is shown he’s an egoist, remote from the Creator & wants to exit the long path; not ready to exit slavery. Passover is the left line, #Torah’s secrets, bestowal. #Passover: repentance, cleanse in Hesed, ready for the left line of Hochma.

The world reveals our broken connections. See how #globalization ruins the world built on self-interest that makes connection not cordial but aggressive, for mutual exploitation. This evidence of evil leads the world to correction (through #suffering) #BREAKING

Work in Egypt refers to the Creator. In the beginning, we think that we can advance in #egoism, in agreement with Pharaoh, to unite and reveal the upper world and the Creator, to achieve #perfection and #unity—according to our ego. This is regarded as the 7 fat years.

The whole process of revealing the Creator to man is described in the Torah, which doesn’t depict earthly life but stages of spiritual development of man: exiting the power of ego/desire to receive—to love of others/desire to bestow—the birth in the spiritual world

The 2 ways to achieve the goal, pre-set by nature/the Creator:
1 Path of #suffering: long
2 Path of development by the Light: fast, conscious
The choice is only between them.
#Revelation of #Kabbalah is designed to change the path of suffering to the path of Light.

#SpiritualWork_ML #unity
If I ask for myself, I will get nothing. If I ask for the group, I will reach a small spiritual state (VAK) with it. If I ask for the group to be a channel of the Creator’s Light for the people, the entire Light for the world (GAR) will pass through us!”
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