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My Thoughts On Twitter, 3/6/18

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“Bestowal is a subtle propensity from the gentleness of the soul.” Hazon Ish #soul #consciousness

From Twitter, 3/6/18

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Fight For Freedom

laitman_424.02The most dangerous state is neither ascent nor descent, but indifference. We do not have the strength to get out of it: neither upward nor downward. It is considered death. In a descent, a person experiences various problems, negative influences, and alien thoughts, but he is alive and not dead. Death is indifference.

The Creator says, “Come to Pharaoh!” That is, He invites us to find out how opposite we are to the upper force, to the spiritual world, bestowal, and love. We will then have tools for work: the Light will be revealed on the background of darkness.

Otherwise, we cannot discern nor feel it. Therefore, the Egyptian exile was necessary because it revealed our complete opposition to the Creator, since Pharaoh is the reverse side of the Creator. When a person discovers the full extent of such opposition, he is ready to exit Egypt.

Our problem is neither light nor darkness, but grey twilight, indifference. Nothing can be done there. If I am in prison and feel imprisoned, then I make every effort to escape. Yet, if I do not feel that I am in chains, in prison, cut off from real life, then I am ready to remain in this cell forever. There is no worse state. This is a real prison and only the environment can help a person.

Bad or good states both lead to advancement, but the state of indifference is absolutely static and takes up 90% of our time. It swallows our life, leaving us without any hope of reaching the purpose of creation. Therefore, we must fight against it. This is our area of freewill, the middle third of Tifferet, where neither forces from above nor forces from below act on us—we are in the middle between them and we cannot escape anywhere. This is the real prison.
From 1 st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/18/18,Lesson on the Topic: “From Obstructions to Ascents,” (Prep For World Convention 2018)

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Consent Of The Pharaoh

749.02In order for the people of Israel to leave Egypt, Pharaoh’s consent is necessary. He must know and understand the reason for its necessity. Pharaoh then opens the door for them and shuts it behind them once they exit.

What this means is that without spreading the wisdom of Kabbalah among the nations of the world, the people of Israel will not be able to correct even themselves. Not only will we not be able to implement a correction in the nations of the world, but we also will not receive the methodology from above in the correct, complete form unless we first turn to all the nations, absorb their desires, and raise them to the Creator.

We need to act in the environment of the nations of the world and this will help us unite more, become included in the Creator, and pass the Light. This is a closed system. Of course, this happens in stages, but I think that we have already reached a stage when the nations of the world should adopt this method, which has opened up in its full power.

As the waves of anti-Semitism grow, it is clear that the nations of the world need a method of correction. Since the Creator arouses these waves, it means that in this way through the nations of the world, He turns to the people of Israel and wants to wake us up to act. If we do not react to His calls the way we did not react eighty years ago in Nazi Germany, then a catastrophe will occur. All because we do not want to notice the Creator’s appeal to us!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/18, Lesson on Topic: “The Israeli Nation’s Day of Unity”

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A Kabbalistic Guarantee

laitman_265Question: When you talk about the future society, you mention the word “commune” (a collective farm). After the bloody and violent seventy-year attempt to impose the ideas of communism on one-fifth of the world’s population, what guarantees do Kabbalists give that it won’t produce an even worse totalitarian system?

Answer: Nobody intends to entice humanity into communes. A person who is ready to live in a truly altruistic community lives in absolute freedom. He strives to maintain altruistic spiritual relationships with others and to provide mutual spiritual help where people become united into groups of ten and groups of ten into hundreds, thousands, and so forth in order to fill the space between them with the quality of bestowal. With the quality of bestowal they establish, they discover the higher power that will fill them with love. This is the discovery of the Creator.

Question: So this is meant for someone who has been prepared for it through the appropriate education and wants to do it? It’s not about someone being forced into it?

Answer: Certainly. You cannot obligate anyone by force here. There must be absolute freedom of choice, which requires education.

Question: Baal HaSulam writes that with altruistic communism, people will stand in line to enter such a society, and it will be determined if one is ready to enter it or not. So there won’t be any coercion at all?

Answer: Correct, because a person needs to be ready to connect with others properly. People who enter this community and who are included in these reciprocal relationships immediately discover Ein Sof (infinity), the limitless creation, the higher power they are in, and they will feel that they exist eternally.

Remark: When Baal HaSulam tried to explain this, they accused him of being a communist. After all, the discovery of the Creator, the disclosure of the quality of bestowal within me, and as a consequence, its manifestation similar to communism in our world, cannot be comprehended in the mind.

My Comment: No, this is not the same communism as in the past. The essence of the commune is that there will be inner connections with each other, not connections through money, communal life, or small villages.

When there is the right inner connection, each person thinks about his interconnection with others. Only this creates a common connection among people on the level of the soul in which they discover their higher life. In other words, even if I were to be separated from my physical body today, I would remain spiritually alive.

Relationships are based on a clear understanding that we are in an eternal, perfect, and reciprocal system. These are not ordinary human feelings. This happens within the same network we exist in today. We don’t need to create anything. We only need to discover this network.

Question: What is it like when I feel that another person is a part of me?

Answer: Let’s assume you discover that you depend on us. Then you will begin to relate to us differently because our existence determines your existence. This is no longer called egoism because you begin to relate to others in the same way you relate to yourself. Everything begins from egoism. If I depend on others, I must act in a way that is good for them so that it will also be good for me. This is a very precise and completely egoistic act.

But this is only the beginning. After that, from Lo Lishma (an intention only for myself) we move to Lishma (an intention for the sake of bestowal). When I work like this, it becomes clear to me that bestowal itself provides me with a higher level of existence. In other words, I begin to understand within my egoism that it is worthwhile for me to be released from the ego. This is called, “the angel of death becomes the angel of life.” The ego overcomes itself.

Question: Is it possible to bring large numbers of people to these relationships through education?

Answer: The entirety of humanity. This is our mission.

Question: Do you have an education plan for 2018?

Answer: Yes. But it is not something to discuss. It’s something we need to apply! Entering a state of a spiritual Ubar (embryo) is the first step in our program, and we will achieve it in the coming year.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/24/17

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 3/6/18

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