Democracy Or A Trick Of Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I study in a virtual group and do not experience serious obstacles, am I able to form a plea to the Creator based on regular daily corporeal problems at work and at home?

Answer: There is no need to look for disturbances neither in a virtual nor a physical group. Obstacles come by themselves from our desire to truly come closer and unite with one another. Then the problems begin! And if you do not have any problems, connect with the others and start figuring them out.

Disturbances come in accordance with the state. When people hold a distance, problems do not arise between them. We see our world moving closer to democracy. “Democracy” is the biggest deceit, when I become further from you, and you become further from me. And now we almost do not touch one another, and we say that everyone has freedom: “This is mine, this is yours; don’t touch what’s mine, and everything will be fine.”

But this is no order of relationships because essentially, we are not connected with one another in any way! Whatever little we are to receive from one another, we pass it on to each other through some kind of buffer. But in every other way, we do not touch one another at all. And when we don’t, there are no problems—our ego is ready to agree to this, and this is the most convenient option for it. This is why the modern world has come to democracy, the protection of individual rights, and so on.

But if we begin to act like this in a group, we will never attain unity. Democracy will not be able to lead to unity if everything is being done wearing gloves and keeping a distance.

We were able to do this until now. But now, no matter how much we resist, there is no choice: Nature is pressuring us, forcing us to unite and establish a connection. And even though we are still trying to keep a distance and the same democracy, nature is showing us that we are connected with one another. This is where the problems begin!

I cannot get any further! Greater distance is impossible according to the form that nature is showing me. It is showing me that I am connected with everyone else, and at the same time, I do not want to be connected to them. Basically, this is the essence of the modern crisis.

But in the group, we do need to work in the heart. It does not matter whether we are together in one room or behind computer screens in a virtual class. The key is to avoid misleading ourselves about having attained connection. This is a big problem since a person convinces himself, due to the egoism’s defense ability, that everything is fine and he has a sufficient connection with others. He forgets about it completely and experiences many disturbances.

But when we want to figure this out and we do it together, we begin to work with it and reveal the force of evil, which separates us, our hearts. This is no easy work.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/28/2011, Shamati #218

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