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My Thoughts On Twitter, 3/17/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

If the Creator wouldn’t replace the good Pharaoh with the evil one i.e., change our awareness to see futility in a life of plenty, we would never leave Egypt, this world. But egoism develops & sets new values, “meaning of life,” causing “famine in Egypt”#Spiritualwork ML #Passover

#Hawking: There is no God. All processes happening in nature can be explained scientifically. God is the sum total of the laws of nature.
#Kabbalah: God in Kabbalah is the general force of nature and nothing exists except that force.

#Hawking: Everything that exists is what our mind can grasp, and if man cannot grasp the notion of God, there is no God.
#Kabbalah: God is an abstract notion. Man must research any phenomenon in line with the principle, “A judge has no more than what his eyes see.”

#StephenHawking: Only a world government can save humanity.
#Kabbalah: A world government must be united, educating and uniting by definition, educating humanity toward unity above its egoistic nature.

#StephenHawking: Mankind needs an activity, a higher meaning, so it won’t be left to its own devices #Kabbalah: Salvation lies in Man’s upbringing, creating a society in which we value and enrich one another, in which differences and opposite qualities blossom while serving unity

Spiritual famine in the midst of total material plenty.
The desire grew qualitatively and demands upper world fulfillments instead of “pots of meat.” The Creator spoils life.
One who studies #Kabbalah accelerates the descent and leaves if he doesn’t rely on friends!

#Spiritualwork_ML “You are few among the nations,” meaning few people in the world have a point in the heart, an aspiration to reveal the Creator. “Thousands enter, but a handful reveal the Light.” Offended? Take it up with the Creator! People leave because the desire is small…

It says: “Man’s heart will be proud on the Creator’s path”—against one’s pride, greatness of #spiritual work versus this #life, spiritual pride above material pride. One must constantly strive to raise the importance of the goal—reveal the Creator in unity. #Freewill_ML

The condition “Man’s heart will be proud on the Creator’s path” prevents one from overcoming his ego and he leaves #Kabbalah. He can’t lower his ego, rise in bestowal above reception (faith above reason), set an example of unity and bestowal to friends, and he leaves.#Freewill_ML

#Europe “center of the world” is over. Interdependence and weakness of Euro-states. TNCs are dividing the #world. #Politics relies on force. Digitization of life leads to change in #consciousness. A united world is founded on unity above egoism. Only Kabbalah is capable of that.

From Twitter, 3/17/18

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Newsmax: “Hawking Was All About Benevolent, Honest Science”

The largest portal Newsmax published my new article “Hawking Was All About Benevolent, Honest Science

The death of world renowned astrophysicist, Stephen Hawking, can be seen as another nail in the coffin of genuine science. Hawking’s honest approach to science was exemplified by his readiness to admit his mistakes. In his 70s, he admitted that a belief he formulated early in his scientific career was incorrect. This form of scientific inquiry, however, has become a rarity in today’s scientific world.

Since around the 1960s, we have witnessed the gradual corruption and downfall of science.

The widespread acclaim for science deteriorated, and became replaced with business, Hollywood, and sports. More significantly, science itself became infused with goals other than understanding the nature of reality. It became increasingly exploited as a means to inflate people’s wealth, power, and respect.

Together with the decline in the appreciation of genuine science came scientists’ needs to serve their funders’ interests. It is now commonplace for governments to use scientists for advancing their political agendas, and for corporations to use scientists for increasing their profits.

One of the obvious results is that “scientific progress” and “technological progress” became confused as being one and the same, since scientific research and development is so prominently put to use in developing today’s technologies.

Profit-Driven Initiatives Do Not Benefit Humanity

It has thus become difficult to be a genuine scientist, one who aims to discover the underlying order of nature, and much easier to be a scientist who contributes to profitable high-tech ventures. The overshadowing of truth-seeking science with technology-developing science gained public support as it became a commonly-held belief that new technologies emerge to benefit humanity.

Statements such as “renewable energy is better for the environment” and “social media connects people” have become modern-day axioms in public discourse, creating a perception where each new gadget comes to solve people’s problems and make the world a better place.

However, a deeper look into this phenomenon shows the contrary. For example, electric cars like the Tesla, popularly branded as “good for the environment,” have been found to cause more pollution than 8-year old carbon-emitting cars; and social media, despite connecting people technologically, has been found to have dangerous sociological and negative psychological effects.

Therefore, lurking beneath the façade that technology will eventually solve most of our problems and make our lives better, are discoveries showing how these new “solutions” are actually detrimental to our well-being, because they fail to fix our problems at their source.

The reason for this is simple: we cannot expect real, long-lasting solutions to our problems if the solutions offered emerge from self-centered profit motives. In other words, everything we create comes from a destructive calculation, because our self-interests are more important to us than the benefit of all people. Stephen Hawking himself once gave the example of how computer viruses reflect the destructive quality of human nature, stating that “the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive.”

The Knowledge Science Still Needs to Extract From Nature

With science and technology resulting from our self-centered perception of reality, their capacity to do good to humanity is bound to reach a dead end. However, if we change our perception of reality to one where we wish for the benefit of all over selfish interests, then we will see phenomenal breakthroughs in science and technology: They will function to genuinely solve our problems, and will indeed make the world a better place, since the perception guiding them will become free from exploitative, manipulative and profiteering motives.

Interestingly, over the course of the 20th century alone, science itself did a 180 degree flip on the point that science itself is a result of human perception. It started with the Newtonian view that reality exists regardless of our perception, took a leap through Einstein proving that reality is relative to our perception, and ended with quantum mechanics stating that reality can be created by our perception.

Therefore, science itself has culminated to a pivotal moment in human understanding: If we want to make further progress toward discovering the laws of nature, and use them to everyone’s benefit, we need to change the way we perceive and relate to reality. The underlying motives of egoistic profit and power in this sector need to shift to altruistic motives that genuinely seek society’s benefit.

Hitting Restart on Humanity

To undergo such a fundamental change of human perception, we have to put ourselves into the laboratory as the object of research. That is, we have to actively experiment and find how to upgrade our relations to each other, through educational and social activities in groups. The aim of such social activities and experiments would be to develop an altruistic lens through which we can look at the whole picture of reality.

In my view of the future, researching the structure and behavior of the world through enhanced human connection will provide the major shift that our science needs in order to become truly beneficial for humanity. Ultimately, it would open our eyes to a whole new kind of science, one closer to the inherent balance and harmony that exist in nature.

Read Newsmax Article: Hawking Was All About Benevolent, Honest Science

What Makes People Fear Kabbalah?

Laitman_198Question: What makes people fear and hate Kabbalah even though they know very little about it?

Answer: First, the feelings of fear and hatred are inherent in people because propaganda against Kabbalah has been around for at least 3,000 years.

Second, it is contrary to human nature. Kabbalah speaks about something hidden; therefore people relate to Kabbalists as a “secret society” whose members are involved in secret management. After all, a person rises to the level of governing the world. Different labels are stuck on Kabbalists: cult, Masonry, Jewish Masonry, ancient esotericism, etc.

Question: If people who are interested in Kabbalah read this, they might think, “Why should we be involved with this?”

Answer: What is it for? It is the soul that asks this question. A person cannot suppress this desire. If he has the possibility of discovering the meaning of life, attaining the upper world, he will not be able to limit or calm down this desire. Life becomes insipid without this goal. What kind of a taste does it have ? One just sinks into a coma.

Question: If the Creator wants to bring His creation to resemble Him and to give it pleasure, why is it necessary to take such a long route? He gives a method, then conceals it, and everyone hates it. Why?

Answer: The reason is in freewill. We don’t understand how it is realized, but it must be. It is impossible to achieve revelation of the Creator against your will. You can be pushed but simultaneously stopped, leaving you hanging, like on a swing. By constantly attracting and repelling, you are given a chance to solve the question about the meaning of life on your own.

Question: Who does this?

Answer: The upper management, called “the middle line.” There is no getting around it: that is how it is arranged.

However, in general, this is very difficult for beginners to understand, so they constantly complain. In any case, many come and leave, first cheering and later cursing. That is how humanity searches for the meaning of life. And this meaning is above our egoistic understanding of the world, in bestowal, in love, in exiting yourself. Therefore, everything is complicated and daunting.

Question: So you justify this attitude from the Creator?

Answer: This is the system we exist in, the matrix we live in. It is called nature. Therefore, it is impossible to talk about whether it is good or bad.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/10/17

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The Group In Egypt

laitman_275Only the “sons of Jacob” enter Egypt, in other words, the qualities that are already in some form of contact with the Creator. But with respect to the general process of correction, it is practically nothing—only the acknowledgement of evil.

They are not yet ready to receive the Torah for the correction of their own evil inclination, since they have not yet escaped Pharaoh. But they are in need of the Light that reforms in order to reveal that they are slaves to Pharaoh.

Egypt is the discovery of the original desire to receive pleasure, which until this point did not manifest in the sons of Israel. That’s why the forefather Abraham asked the Creator: “How will I know that my descendants will inherit this land?” And the Creator reassured him that they would reveal a great desire for pleasure, which is called “help made against him,” in their effort to achieve the goal of creation.

An individual cannot work without fulfillment. Our material, the desire to receive pleasure, does not disappear and does not become extinguished; we only change the content of desire. We need to work on acquiring a desire that will correspond exactly to what the Creator wants to give. This type of desire does not appear on its own by natural means.

In other words, it is necessary to connect to the Giver and feel how He is fulfilled by His act of giving to me. And then I feel and understand all the ways He relates to me; His pleasure is in my receiving and feeling the pleasure of Him giving.

The Creator receives pleasure from my comprehension of His intention toward me and my experience of pleasure from the knowledge that it pleases Him to give to me, and that I am prepared to respond to Him with the same attitude. You need to go through many stages of attainment of the Creator in order to begin to actually give Him fulfillment.

“The Sons of Israel in Egypt” means the Kabbalistic group. It is impossible to ask for oneself— only for the group since in it we actualize the correction of the desire in order to bestow to the Creator. As it is written: “From the love of friends, to the love of the Creator.”

I ask for the others, for the group, for unity, and not for myself. It turns out that the correct, true prayer is a prayer for the Creator, since we are doing all this only in order to bring Him pleasure.

The blows that bring us out of Egypt—these are just what separates us from the group, from the ten. Other problems are not blows, they are merely passing inconveniences. When an individual is not working in a group for unity and correction, he receives other problems.

If you don’t want to join the group, then you will be pushed to it indirectly: problems at work, at home, with the police, so that you will gradually come to correction within the group through all these indirect ways. But such work takes a long time and has very low efficiency.

If, however, from the very beginning we think only of how to strengthen the ten and build in it a unified and strong framework of connection between us, then we begin to discover the plagues of Egypt and quickly exit Egypt, significantly accelerating time.

The main thing to understand is that all of Egypt, and in general the entire work, is only in the group. Everything is revealed only within it, outside of it nothing exists.

Within the ten, we have only one goal, one direction above the egoistic nature and intentions of each. In the center of the ten, in the center of our unity, we want to reveal the Creator according to equivalence of form.

As soon as we are able to unite with the intention to reveal the Creator, He is immediately revealed because we enter the same range of frequency, the same quality as Him. This is called the spiritual embryo.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/9/18, Writings of Rabash

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Why Do We Like Movies?

laitman_922Question: Why do people love to watch movies and TV shows and to get caught up in the feelings of complete strangers? Is it because of a lack of feelings and experiences of their own?

Answer: No. These are not someone else’s feelings. I feel the same emotions myself, and then identify with the heroes of the movie. People pay a lot of money to experience feelings that make them cry. For example, people fly to Germany to see an opera, etc. There is a Rabash article where he wrote that feelings a person isn’t currently experiencing, but has either experienced in the past, or they come to him in a state called “empathy” from the compassion that he feels for others, and although bitter feelings may be aroused in you, it is a pleasant bitterness that only enhances the sweetness. That is why we like to cry a little and dwell in sorrow a little because this further emphasizes the possibility of enjoyment and happiness.

Question: In the past, you said that movies were invented as an art of empathy. What about horror movies? Why should a person watch them?

Answer: These films nevertheless expand the limits of a person’s imagination and shake him a little. We have very few emotions in life. In our daily lives we are “frozen.”

Remark: There is a theory that if a little child watches action and horror movies, these experiences and impressions will be enough for him and he will not actualize them in life. There is another opinion that claims that this will influence children negatively and they will become violent.

My Comment: Certainly, they will get used to cruelty. Likewise, a bad example is contagious. I believe that this should not be allowed at all.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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