The Group In Egypt

laitman_275Only the “sons of Jacob” enter Egypt, in other words, the qualities that are already in some form of contact with the Creator. But with respect to the general process of correction, it is practically nothing—only the acknowledgement of evil.

They are not yet ready to receive the Torah for the correction of their own evil inclination, since they have not yet escaped Pharaoh. But they are in need of the Light that reforms in order to reveal that they are slaves to Pharaoh.

Egypt is the discovery of the original desire to receive pleasure, which until this point did not manifest in the sons of Israel. That’s why the forefather Abraham asked the Creator: “How will I know that my descendants will inherit this land?” And the Creator reassured him that they would reveal a great desire for pleasure, which is called “help made against him,” in their effort to achieve the goal of creation.

An individual cannot work without fulfillment. Our material, the desire to receive pleasure, does not disappear and does not become extinguished; we only change the content of desire. We need to work on acquiring a desire that will correspond exactly to what the Creator wants to give. This type of desire does not appear on its own by natural means.

In other words, it is necessary to connect to the Giver and feel how He is fulfilled by His act of giving to me. And then I feel and understand all the ways He relates to me; His pleasure is in my receiving and feeling the pleasure of Him giving.

The Creator receives pleasure from my comprehension of His intention toward me and my experience of pleasure from the knowledge that it pleases Him to give to me, and that I am prepared to respond to Him with the same attitude. You need to go through many stages of attainment of the Creator in order to begin to actually give Him fulfillment.

“The Sons of Israel in Egypt” means the Kabbalistic group. It is impossible to ask for oneself— only for the group since in it we actualize the correction of the desire in order to bestow to the Creator. As it is written: “From the love of friends, to the love of the Creator.”

I ask for the others, for the group, for unity, and not for myself. It turns out that the correct, true prayer is a prayer for the Creator, since we are doing all this only in order to bring Him pleasure.

The blows that bring us out of Egypt—these are just what separates us from the group, from the ten. Other problems are not blows, they are merely passing inconveniences. When an individual is not working in a group for unity and correction, he receives other problems.

If you don’t want to join the group, then you will be pushed to it indirectly: problems at work, at home, with the police, so that you will gradually come to correction within the group through all these indirect ways. But such work takes a long time and has very low efficiency.

If, however, from the very beginning we think only of how to strengthen the ten and build in it a unified and strong framework of connection between us, then we begin to discover the plagues of Egypt and quickly exit Egypt, significantly accelerating time.

The main thing to understand is that all of Egypt, and in general the entire work, is only in the group. Everything is revealed only within it, outside of it nothing exists.

Within the ten, we have only one goal, one direction above the egoistic nature and intentions of each. In the center of the ten, in the center of our unity, we want to reveal the Creator according to equivalence of form.

As soon as we are able to unite with the intention to reveal the Creator, He is immediately revealed because we enter the same range of frequency, the same quality as Him. This is called the spiritual embryo.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/9/18, Writings of Rabash

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