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Study of The Book of #Zohar is above any other study, even if one doesn’t understand it or reads it incorrectly. It is nevertheless a great correction of the soul. The Book of Zohar accelerates attainment and depth of Torah. (CHIDA. Moreh BeEtzba 44) #Kabbalahwisdom_ML

The present time obliges us to multiply the attainment of the inner #Torah. Breaking new paths, The Book of Zohar lays a road through the desert. It and all its fruits will open the gates of #redemption for us (from our nature’s egoism). (#Rav_Kook Orot 57)

Many fools avoid studying the secrets of #Kabbalah and The Book of Zohar, which encompass our #life. If we heeded warnings about intensifying evil, we would study The Book of #Zohar and would thus annul all disasters by drawing Light and abundance.
(#Notzar_Chesed 4, Mishnah 20)

Study of Zohar today is needed for protection against evil. Revelation of wisdom in such a foul generation is needed as a shield to cling to the Upper Force. Past generations were closer to the Creator, but now only Kabbalah can protect us.
From Twitter, 3/25/18

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Becoming A Single Whole

laitman_256The spiritual vessel (Kli) is not ten people, but a ten, which has become a single whole. To the extent that they can be included in the concept of “one,” they become a spiritual vessel. All our work is directed at this unity, and only by working on it do we begin to feel the obstacles that Pharaoh and his ministers put in front of us. The Creator purposely hardened their hearts to bring us to the understanding of what separation and unity are, as well as to help us achieve the qualitative unity in which the new state is revealed.

Everything is evaluated not by the group of ten people, but by its ability to unite into one whole. And the group becomes like one only if it has the connection with the upper force, besides which there is nothing else, and can concentrate all problems into one.

Therefore, we are always need a guarantee. Everyone receives his hardening of the heart at different times, in different ways, and everyone else helps him overcome it, as it’s written: “And he should help his friend.” There is never a situation when one is unable to help another, because one always has something that another lacks. Therefore, even if I am in a decline that I cannot come out of, I am still able to help another rise. After all, his heart is hardened in different ways.*

At first, a person works only for the reward that is customary in this world, meaning egoistic success, higher understanding, knowledge, to rule. Gradually, he acquires a different understanding of success, seeing its signs in how devoted he is to the group, and through the group how dedicated he is to the upper force. He considers his reward for all his efforts to be the ability he acquires to annul himself to the group and the upper force. This means that he is already working toward gaining desires for bestowal in order to move on to Lishma.

This is what the process of going through the Egyptian exile is all about from beginning to end. We enter Egypt with the desire to earn and succeed in our regular egoistic parameters. In reality, it corresponds to what Joseph is talking about. This is why we coexist so well with the Egyptians; all our desires to bestow work inside the desires of the Egyptians to receive. Egypt is prospering, the desire to receive is enjoying, and everything is fine!

Gradually, as a result of our work and the Creator’s influence on us, we start feeling our separation, the oppositeness. Our system of rewards changes and so does our understanding of work. Egyptian exile is a very special period, and that is why we remember Egypt on all the stages of our correction, up to the very end. **

At first we imagine spiritual success in ordinary egoistic terms and we feel a connection with Egypt. The previous stage called “the land of Canaan” already exhausted itself and was followed by a famine. And the next stage, “Egypt,” promises an ocean of pleasures. And therefore we descend into Egypt.

But gradually, through the hardening of the heart, the increased desire to receive, we understand that our work has to be different and that this is not unity. The main thing is that the Light that reforms is working on us, which changes us. We would never achieve success without it, because no matter how much we connect in egoistic desires, the only thing that comes out is pure egoism.

Therefore, all we need to do is carry out actions of unity, diligently following the advice of the Kabbalists. This is what is called the work in Egypt. Pharaoh organizes our work precisely to lead us to spirituality. We will feel that our egoism does not agree and it receives blows; we are unable to unite despite all our efforts.***

Try to work for the benefit of others, and you will see how easy it is. You will work to the extent that you can without worrying about anything. This instantly frees a person from numerous concerns, giving a sense of freedom. After all, you do what is needed, and not worry about the outcome, because it goes outside of yourself. In this case, the desire to receive does not limit the person. In this way you can outwit your egoism, which made us worry about ourselves.****
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/12/18, Writings of Rabash, Article 15, 1990, “What Does It Mean that Before the Egyptian Minister Fell, Their Outcry Was Not Answered in the Work?”
(Minutes 34:00 – 36:44)
**(Minutes 36:44 – 39:36)
*** (Minutes 40:08 – 43:07)
**** (Minutes 45:00 – 46:26)

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Famine Among Plenty

laitman_252The Jews would have remained the slaves of egoism forever because they lived very well in Egypt, were satiated and enjoyed life. But then the Creator changes their desire and they start to ask: “Why do we live? What is this life about? What is its purpose?”

People changed, just as it is happening now. In fact, it would seem what more could we want? The world is capable of providing every person with plenty, but we spoil everything. As if we are doing this ourselves, but in reality it is the upper governance working on us, corrupting us, not allowing us to enjoy life. We could have children and enjoy our families. A hundred years ago, if people had the opportunities they do today, they would have considered it a paradise. Why are we not satisfied with it? This is what is meant by “The king of Egypt died.”

The former egoistic desire, in which we enjoyed life, family, kids, vacation, and health—died. Life stopped bringing us satisfaction.

The desire for pleasure grew, not in quantity, but in quality, and it is demanding new, higher fulfillment. You offer it buckets of meat, fish, cakes, candy, travel, but it doesn’t want anything. Many people are depressed, use drugs, and even want to end their lives, the number of suicides is growing, or a person suddenly buys weapons and begins to shoot everyone indiscriminately.

Where does it come from? It comes from the Creator. He spoils our desire for pleasure and poisons our existence. We are unable to fulfill our desire and feel that death is better than such a life.

First of all, we need to understand that it comes from Above, in accordance with the program of the development of nature. We cannot resist it, nor compensate in any way to fix the situation. No tranquilizers can help soften the blow of “the king of Egypt died.”

Jews worked remarkably well during the “seven years of satiation,” and they felt satiated. You think that during the “seven years of famine” there was less food? There was the same amount of everything, but they felt as if they had nothing, and there was a famine. There was nothing they could satisfy their desire to receive with—just like in today’s world.*

The desire to receive is a machine. You bring a deficiency into it, and it does everything to fulfill it. From the side of creation, the desire to receive, there is no freedom of will. It works like an automaton according to the data entered into it.

But the Creator wants to bring us to the point of acting on our own, independently. This is only possible if the creation has two forces: the forces of reception and bestowal. Then, between these two forces, it can build an intention toward bestowal and work above its nature.

Only then will the created being exist; before this it simply does not exist because it is a part of nature: the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels. The instinctual reaction of the desire to receive is not considered an independent life.**

If fifty years ago our ancestors got what we have today, they would have been thrilled beyond belief. However, today we are not satisfied with our lives because our desire to receive has changed; it is no longer content with its previous fulfillment. And this is progress; we seemingly have everything, yet it is not enough.

That is why the oligarchs are so eager to earn more than profits, because stealing a billion only gives them the fulfillment worth a hundred dollars. There is no feeling of contentment. ***

It is a blessing that a person does not anticipate death, but only thinks of food, sex, family, money, power, and knowledge. Is it worth worrying about these things, if sooner or later you die? But the person does not think about death, and this means that “the king of Egypt died” hasn’t happened yet. Even being in despair from his work, he still wants to return to his previous state, like the Jews in the desert dreamed of returning to Egypt.****

Egyptian slavery is a feeling that egoistic unity no longer works.*****
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/12/18, Shamati #159 “And It Came to Pass in the Course of Those Many Days”
* (Minutes 3:25 – 8:04)
** (Minutes 12:51 – 14:48)
***(Minute 15:11)
****(Minutes 17:50 – 18:35)
***** (Minute 21:45)

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Bill Gates’ Cow

laitman_543.02In the News (Business Insider): “Bill Gates has funded genetic research into how to create the perfect cow — one that will produce more milk and be able to withstand temperatures beyond that of the average cow.”

My Comment: I think the problem is not in how much milk is produced, but how it is distributed and marketed. For example, Israel is first in the world in the production of milk, but milk here is by no means cheap, because the market is completely regulated.

There are many obstacles in the marketing of the milk, which includes dumping, customs, duties, monopolies, and so forth. They undermine any efforts of the “benefactors.” Because of the mutually corrupt relationships, humanity is unable to take care of anything useful and really effective for those in need.

Attempts have been made, but self-interest ruins everything and clings to everything. That is why, even if at some point super cows will produce four times more milk, it will not make it to its African and Asian addressees. As a last resort, it will be dumped so as not to knock down the market prices.

Before we invest in these kinds of projects, we need to invest in the connection of humanity. Without it, our good intentions are powerless.

It is unnecessary to invent something new if the appropriate conditions for it are not created first. By just saving the excess produce, which goes to the garbage dumps, we could provide for a large number of those who are starving. However, with our current economic and social relations, this is unrealistic.

Therefore, the problem is not in the production, but in the people. More specifically, in their dissociation and disregard for each other. By uniting, we will see how to utilize resources appropriately, which right now we actually have in abundance. If humanity becomes one family, it will find real ways to distribute produce and then it will be possible to think about production. Until then, milk, as all else, will disappear in the bottomless pit of our egoism.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 1/30/18

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New Life 958 – The State Of Israel

New Life 958 – The State Of Israel
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Kabbalists supported the establishment of the State of Israel because they expected to subsequently introduce the method of Kabbalah to educate the Jews. Jews are no better than others but, according to the plan of creation, they are supposed to provide an example of how humanity can live in connection and love.
From KabTV’s “New Life 958 – The State Of Israel,” 2/4/18

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