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Study of The Book of #Zohar is above any other study, even if one doesn’t understand it or reads it incorrectly. It is nevertheless a great correction of the soul. The Book of Zohar accelerates attainment and depth of Torah. (CHIDA. Moreh BeEtzba 44) #Kabbalahwisdom_ML

The present time obliges us to multiply the attainment of the inner #Torah. Breaking new paths, The Book of Zohar lays a road through the desert. It and all its fruits will open the gates of #redemption for us (from our nature’s egoism). (#Rav_Kook Orot 57)

Many fools avoid studying the secrets of #Kabbalah and The Book of Zohar, which encompass our #life. If we heeded warnings about intensifying evil, we would study The Book of #Zohar and would thus annul all disasters by drawing Light and abundance.
(#Notzar_Chesed 4, Mishnah 20)

Study of Zohar today is needed for protection against evil. Revelation of wisdom in such a foul generation is needed as a shield to cling to the Upper Force. Past generations were closer to the Creator, but now only Kabbalah can protect us.
From Twitter, 3/25/18

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