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Alone, a person can’t turn to the Creator. The prayer must consist of the 10 Sefirot of the spiritual vessel. So, I must evaluate the importance of 9 friends & attach to them my empty, suffering, dark Malchut – thus an appeal to the Creator will be born within.

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A prayer is a spiritual vessel, the action of the complete HaVaYaH, all 10 Sefirot. Hence, one cannot pray alone or for himself. The prayer the Creator hears occurs with inclusion in the group and receiving the friends’ intentions, impressions, support.

Question from @Evgeni95938533: Why do upper pure desires outside the group hinder?
Answer: Revelations in the group—toward the goal; revelations outside the group—opposite from the goal, for the group is the soul system and the #revelation of the Creator occurs only in it.

While in ascent, it’s vital to assess your state as a great one, for I lift the whole group with it. But in a descent, I also have to assess my state per the group, the extent to which I damage it. Don’t switch to your state, for in spirituality it doesn’t exist!

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As a result of working at unity (Jacob’s sons) in the group (Yosef) we start to hate the sweetness of egoistic fulfillment & wish to feel such a bitterness in it as to want to flee. Escape is the only thing that can save us. We must develop hatred for the ego.

7 hungry years: we discover the bitterness of working inside the ego although it gives us sweetness, but wanting to achieve the quality of bestowal, we feel bitterness, maror, for we can’t bestow. We can’t turn bitterness into good so that bestowal starts to feel sweet.

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Only after exiting egoism (Egypt), a person can do the Creator’s commandments & say “in memory of the exit from Egypt.” Because all commandments are the correction of actions intended for self-gratification to the intention for the sake of the Creator.

To feel bitterness in receiving: “And the sons of Israel cried out of this work.” But bestowal is possible and turns sweet only out of the ego/Egypt, after receiving the #Torah and correction in the desert. The main job in Egypt is to chew the maror until we exit Egypt.
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