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I don’t have the proper desire for spirituality. I can desire anything except that. Envy, pride and ambition that are revealed in the group help me attain the spiritual world, while elevated, pure desires outside the group slow me down!

#Freewill_ML We don’t inherently have a need for spirituality. This need comes from the Creator as a desire to reveal Him. Beito – natural path of development, or Ahishena – accelerated path, by mutual guarantee, connection with the group, one gets the proper spiritual needs.

Signs of entering the upper world: Pesach Matza Maror. Matza: war against ego. Maror: bitterness of inability to unite. Pesach (Pasach): exit to freedom from ego
The Creator gives us the force to flee (Pasach). Matza and Maror are the obligation to feel the bitterness of slavery.

#Spiritualwork_ML #Passover
To rise above ego and reveal connection between us, we turn to the Creator, not Pharaoh. Creator and Pharaoh are two sides of one phenomenon. Spiritual work is simple and specific. The hard part is turning to the Creator—that’s where Pharaoh hides.

#Spiritualwork_ML #Passover
Attaining the Creator is discovering unity and love, which don’t exist in our state. We live in the opposite world. The Creator that will be revealed is now being revealed in the opposite form. He’s the one that broke the Soul—He’s Pharaoh!

#Spiritualwork_ML #Passover #Kabbalah
We have to chew Maror, attempts to unite, feel the whole bitterness of hard work and failures. We soften and, out of despair, turn to the Creator. Only after the hard work do we start feeling slavery and the need for help in order to flee!

#Spiritualwork_ML #Passover #Kabbalah
First the group feels progress toward unity, 4 years of plenty, but then they start seeing that they can’t unite. They cry out from this work, since unity is beyond them. Then their cry rises up to the Creator and they move towards salvation!

The Book of Zohar explains that the Jews shape the fate of the world: “Just as the organs of the body cannot exist for one moment without the heart, so all nations cannot exist in the world without Israel.” #GFCA2018 #Antisemitism #Europe

We have become a nation based on the tenet of “love thy neighbor as yourself,” and only the return to this tenet can eradicate the world’s hatred towards us.
#GFCA2018 #Antisemitism

From Twitter, 3/20/18

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