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We cannot communicate w. the upper force (Creator) because we’re opposite to it in qualities. Hence we cannot understand or feel it, there’s no contact. We need an intermediary degree that connects us. This is the degree of #Binah that connects #Malchut to #Keter.

Creator & creature, giver & receiver, r polar opposites. To unite them you need an intermediary quality connecting them.
For 40 years Moses absorbed the qualities of Machut/Pharaoh/ego, & another 40 years for qualities of Binah. He is the “loyal shepherd” of the ego to correction.

Man is opposite to the #Creator. To receive from the Creator the force of #correction, you need an intermediary w. the qualities of both creature & Creator (Moses). This function is done by the Group: separately, receiving egoists, but collectively bestowers, connected to Him.

The Creator awakens the quality of reception in us. We have to ask for the quality of #bestowal! Building the group, I’ll be able to turn to the Creator because together is trying to unite, bestow, rise above personal ego. That’s how we influence Him with the group – ten – #Minyan.

#Solutiontocrisis The more the world and its crisis develop, the more everyone will blame Jews for all the world’s problems. It’s because the positive force comes into our world only via Jews. The nations feel this, while Jews, in spiritual descent, do not. The solution is in us!

#Spiritualwork_ML #Passover Ten egoists that become as one can persuade the Creator to make them similar to Him, govern #reality. By uniting above the growing ego, elicited by the Creator, the group climbs 125 degrees of Jacob’s ladder of equivalence to Him #success #motivation

Adjacent spiritual states are always opposite to each other, following from the 4 phases of Direct Light, in sensation, knowledge.
This is why it’s difficult to get used to changing spiritual states! Fast adaptation to a new spiritual state lies in lowering your head and letting it happen!

Now my #egoism, my beloved #Pharaoh, proclaims, “I will rule!” But I have to put the Creator in his stead so He will rule everything. This is the aim of all my efforts—and the group can help me replace Pharaoh with the Creator wherever egoism rules #Pesach

The main law of nature is #universal #balance. Everything in nature is interconnected and balanced. We must recognize this law and our incongruence to it, and reach its observance. This will equal observance of the commandment,” #Love your neighbor as yourself”

In man’s mind, there is knowledge of the current degree. But at the same time, he has to anticipate the next degree, imagine it as standing above his present knowledge, as “faith above reason,” the next degree of his knowledge. He must tread from #faith to #knowledge!

#Passover is liberation from egoism, sensation of this world, and the start of a new life, sensation of the upper world. Only the #Creator Himself can do this to us. But we have to become convinced that it is impossible to come out of egoism on our own and ask the Creator for it.

#Joseph in the field: man lost his way in life and asks how to find his brethren to reveal bestowal and love in unity, and in them—the Creator. But they do not want to be close to him, the evil of egoism/Pharaoh becomes revealed, they come out of it (Egypt) and receive #Torah.

The group is evaluated only by efforts to unite. To the extent of the efforts, it draws the force of correction OM [Ohr Makif – Surrounding Light]. At the start of unity, the Creator is felt in the group as OP [Ohr Panimi – Inner Light], NaRaNHaY, depending on unity along 125 degrees of equivalence to the Creator till total unity of ADAM

Mutual guarantee is always needed since every person in the group receives burdening of the heart, while others use it for the common ascent. The upper providence creates disturbances to aid unity. No one can come out of a descent alone—only the group saves one from the dungeon

From Twitter, 3/18/18

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