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“GFCA 2018”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/21/18

First Conference, Second Conference, Third Conference … The Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism convened today in Jerusalem for the sixth time.

How many more conferences, conventions, forums and meetings will we need to deal with the relentless global phenomenon of anti-Semitism.

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, former Director General of UNESCO Irina Bokova, head of the Museum of Jewish Heritage Center for Study of anti-Semitism Abe Foxman, and many others leading the battle against anti-Semitism attended – none of them have some brilliant solution to offer. “Anti-Semitism is on a worrying upward trend,” each of them said in their own words.

There were recommendations for legislation, further discussions and calls to support active organizations; but a genuine, revolutionary solution was not heard. At least not in the ears of my students who participated in the three days of the conference at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem.

They saw representatives of various organizations speaking about how much they do against anti-Semitism. They protest hatred, speak at conferences, build coalitions, and go into Twitter-wars with anti-Semites.

The problem is their approach. Every organization proudly displays its work and justifies what it’s doing, yet after countless efforts, “Anti-Semitism is on a worrying upward trend.”

Until we become receptive to hear about the root of this relentless phenomenon, we will find ourselves gathering again and again, and painfully looking at the grim results.

However, the path to a solution has already been paved from time immemorial. Anti-Semitism is only a result we see on the surface; The reason runs deeper.

Humanity needs a unifying mechanism, a way to feel the natural connection that binds all human beings, a bond that will lead to peaceful life. The Jews have the method. They carry it within them. They were founded based upon this method of human connection. Abraham, the father of the nation, gathered around him representatives from various groups, tribes and clans living in ancient Babylon, and founded a group that lived by the principle of “Love thy neighbor as yourself” – unity above all differences.

In time, that group became a people. But later on, it lost the brotherly love and fell into unfounded hatred, and that was when anti-Semitism was born.

Anti-Semitism is an expression of a deep-seated demand that lies in the hearts of the nations of the world. An expectation from that same group, the world’s Jews, to once again provide mankind with the blueprint for a unified society, to recreate their oldest start-up. When we hold a convention that aims to do just that, we can expect to see different results.

My Thoughts On Twitter, 3/21/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Spiritual growth occurs by unification of egos, broken fragments of the soul ADAM. So there is only one commandment “Love others”—to collect all the parts together. Their gradual assembly does, in fact, form our spiritual path, until the final correction, unity

Do you consider yourself a sinner unworthy of the Creator? Know, you are always half sinner-righteous & can always outweigh yourself with one action to being justified! But your ego will always grow so that in you good = evil & you have free will to exert to do good

#Spiritualwork_ML #Passover
Among 4 sons, the special one is who doesn’t know how to ask. So there’s no desire for the Creator’s Light, not even a plea for a desire as “a needle eye.” Desire is measured by suffering for fulfillment! A greater desire will come with the Light itself

#Spiritual work_ML #Passover
Entrance and work in Egypt is in pursuit of unity although we’re #egoists and try to connect selfishly. But thru efforts (studies, unity, self-annulment) we draw the Light that Reforms and receive from it the force to overcome the ego, “Pharaoh”

#SpiritualWork #Passover
It is vital to return to the connection existed in the Adam system before the breaking. But if we reach this connection with our egos, it’ll be 620 times greater. Thus we’ll reveal not the small light of Adam but the entire Light of NaRaNHaY, the Creator

#SpiritualWork #Passover #Kabbalah
The yoke of exile is the inability to reach the right intention. We try, but each time we reveal that it is #selfish. After all, the Creator wants to lead us to realization of evil, that on our own we won’t succeed, without a plea, without His help.

#Spiritualwork_ML #Passover
Kabbalah’s main distinction in defining the Creator’s work (Avodat HaShem) is its aim at uniting people, loving the neighbor, bringing them to the model of Adam, the system of the common #soul, and then from love of the neighbor to love of the Creator.”

Pharaoh is between us. We must turn him into revelation of the Creator.
Pharaoh & Creator are revealed not in us, but only in the connection between us! Pharaoh disunites, and Creator is the network of love uniting us.
Torah, like water, must fill the spaces between us.

#Spiritualwork_ML #Passover
Don’t swallow Maror without chewing means we must work on unity even though we can’t attain it ourselves.
If the group agrees to unite, it “entered Egypt”
Meaning, they have realized, like Joseph’s brothers, that there’s no other path to the Creator!

#SpiritualWork #Passover
To see truth: one is shown he’s an egoist, remote from the Creator & wants to exit the long path; not ready to exit slavery. Passover is the left line, Torah’s secrets, bestowal. Passover—repentance, cleanse in #Hesed, ready for the left line of Hochma

Everyone must study Kabbalah or come to this world again. Without it one won’t reach the goal of life, the Creator. Kabbalah teaches how to receive Upper Light, reveal the Creator, learn all methods of the Creator’s impact on us. Kabbalah is the sum of this knowledge

It’s important for the aspiration toward #spirituality to be qualitative. It is born only by aspiring toward unity in the group. Even a bit of it causes the reforming light OM [Ohr Makif] via its quality. Whereas a loner will waste his whole life’s efforts in vain.

Study of the Ten #Sefirot (TES) describes #spiritual actions using “mechanical” expressions. But inside us they must become sensations and attainments of states. The text talks about the Light’s work on the desire, but in us it must evoke sensations from these actions. #Quote

The Source of #Light is not revealed to us, but we sense His desire to delight us in the Light, and decide to answer Him in kind. The creature makes the reflecting Light. It’s called reflecting because it returns us to the Maker’s degree, making us similar to Him. #spirituality

In studying #Kabbalah, one must aspire not to become smarter or gain new knowledge, but to change one’s sensations & expand the heart. The heart learns to sense phenomena outside itself, inaccessible to us today: actions of bestowal, unity, which are above our sensations & mind.

Action within reason is Knowledge. It is our MO.
Action above reason is Faith. It doesn’t exist in our world. It is bestowal above reason! Like loving others above oneself, despite the ego. It can be received from the reforming light, OM. To that extent, I’ll be like the Creator.

We don’t understand the act of creation: how from the Creator’s will to bestow is born the creation’s will to receive, a black point from nothingness. Then a transition from inanimate to plant matter, from plant to animal, to a qualitatively new state “out of nothing.”

From Twitter, 3/21/18

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New Life 954 – The New Man

New Life 954 – The New Man
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Technological advancement will ultimately free people from the labor market. As a result, men and women will have to redefine their roles both in the home and within society at large. The new man will be more open, able to express himself and willing to concede. His identity will shift from having a macho image to spiritually advancing his family and the whole world. Women will also no longer be attracted to macho men but will appreciate a man’s emotional capacity for warmth, understanding, and softness.
From KabTV’s “New Life 954 – The New Man,” 1/28/18

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Disagreement With The Opinion Of The Circle

laitman_571.08Question: Is it possible to express your disagreement with the opinion of the circle or should you only say something that does not go against it?

Answer: It depends on how you imagine your connection. It is possible that you could awaken some disagreement and then an interesting polemic and clarification would flare up. The main thing is that what you are doing should serve the purpose of rapprochement.

This can happen in very serious, hard, mutual clarifications. But if in the end we come to a greater rapprochement than at the beginning of the workshop, then this is already useful.
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian 10/22/17

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 3/21/18

Preparation for the Lesson

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