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New Life 957 – Spiritual Connection Is The Next Step Of Evolution

New Life 957 – Spiritual Connection Is The Next Step Of Evolution
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

Spirituality exists above the limits of matter, beyond time, movement, and space. We attain it by delving into our inner nature, changing our egoistic attitudes, and becoming connected as “one man with one heart,” over our differences, in the same way a mother loves her children. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we are currently missing the essence of life and the feeling of eternity. The desire to enjoy has intensified in us as preparation for the revelation of spirituality. In a whole reality, our hearts are connected and positive envy limits our ability to enjoy.
From KabTV’s “New Life 957 – Spiritual Connection Is The Next Step Of Evolution,” 1/28/18

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 3/24/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Spiritual progress is difference btwn ascents/descents, in mind/sensation, desire to bestow/receive, sweetness of bestowal/bitterness of reception. For/against the will to enjoy. Chewing ego’s evil, bitterness, & in disturbances attaining honey—adhesion with the Creator

The ego must be opposed with: Creator, group, mutual guarantee, faith, bestowal, love, all the forces of the upper world. So as to direct against the #ego all its attention, do everything against it by drawing on means opposite to it. #Kabbalah #Pesach

Only the patient attain the goal, seeing no other path but that of mutual guarantee. This is the bitter period, “Maror.” The right unification in a group builds faith in everyone—the quality of bestowal above the ego. They will escape the ego (#exile) into the Promised Land.

#Spiritual ascent hinges on importance of the Creator, quality of #love & #bestowal. Importance of the Creator hinges on unity in the group. Unity means to exit oneself into the friends, which is tantamount to exiting into the upper world, #faith above reason, the Creator.

#Sharansky: I directed Sokhnut’s work from repatriation to strengthening the bonds of Jewry.
Me: A sound decision, as there’s no repatriation! The next sound step: to explain to the Jews of the world the cause of #antisemitism, and how to change the hatred toward them to respect.

The essence of the science #Kabbalah
#Baal_Sulam: Science of Kabbalah is the causal order of the descent of the Upper Forces, subject to permanent and absolute laws related to each other and aimed at revealing the Upper Governing Force (the Creator) to man in this #world.

When the time of #Messiah comes, even infants will reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah (Zohar, Vaera). The wisdom of the Zohar was concealed till now, but in the last generation we will attain the secrets of #Torah – what our predecessors did not attain. (MARHU. Tree of Life. Preface)

ADL reports that anti-Semitic crimes have grown by 60%. Explanations differ from one writer to the next: white or black, Trump opponent or supporter, everybody wants to use him to blame the other side. But Kabbalah says the true cause lies with the Jews themselves!
From Twitter, 3/24/18

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What Is Hidden From A Kabbalist?

laitman_537Question: What is hidden from a Kabbalist?

Answer: The absoluteness of the Creator is hidden from the Kabbalist, and although it reveals itself gradually, each time the uncorrected qualities are manifested in a person, the concealment of the Creator is revealed against them. This is the problem.

Question: So ordinary people must first believe in the Creator and then reveal Him? And since a Kabbalist has already revealed Him, he does not have a problem believing?

Answer: No. The problem is that the Creator is revealed to the extent that you can create a concealment over Him. You attain not Him, not the “hidden,” but your own concealment, your screen.

Let’s say, there is some kind of bas-relief. I do not see it because it is covered with linen. But I touch this linen and I study the bas-relief in this way. This is called revelation.

That is, I actually reveal my own qualities that are similar to the Creator.

Question: So, it turns out that we never reveal the Creator?

Answer: Never. Only our qualities.

Question: Does it mean that the fact that I bestow to everyone and love everyone is hidden from me?

Answer: Yes. Absolutely all the people in the world do what the Creator commands them to do. From this point of view, they can be called the workers of the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/12/17

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