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If the Creator wouldn’t replace the good Pharaoh with the evil one i.e., change our awareness to see futility in a life of plenty, we would never leave Egypt, this world. But egoism develops & sets new values, “meaning of life,” causing “famine in Egypt”#Spiritualwork ML #Passover

#Hawking: There is no God. All processes happening in nature can be explained scientifically. God is the sum total of the laws of nature.
#Kabbalah: God in Kabbalah is the general force of nature and nothing exists except that force.

#Hawking: Everything that exists is what our mind can grasp, and if man cannot grasp the notion of God, there is no God.
#Kabbalah: God is an abstract notion. Man must research any phenomenon in line with the principle, “A judge has no more than what his eyes see.”

#StephenHawking: Only a world government can save humanity.
#Kabbalah: A world government must be united, educating and uniting by definition, educating humanity toward unity above its egoistic nature.

#StephenHawking: Mankind needs an activity, a higher meaning, so it won’t be left to its own devices #Kabbalah: Salvation lies in Man’s upbringing, creating a society in which we value and enrich one another, in which differences and opposite qualities blossom while serving unity

Spiritual famine in the midst of total material plenty.
The desire grew qualitatively and demands upper world fulfillments instead of “pots of meat.” The Creator spoils life.
One who studies #Kabbalah accelerates the descent and leaves if he doesn’t rely on friends!

#Spiritualwork_ML “You are few among the nations,” meaning few people in the world have a point in the heart, an aspiration to reveal the Creator. “Thousands enter, but a handful reveal the Light.” Offended? Take it up with the Creator! People leave because the desire is small…

It says: “Man’s heart will be proud on the Creator’s path”—against one’s pride, greatness of #spiritual work versus this #life, spiritual pride above material pride. One must constantly strive to raise the importance of the goal—reveal the Creator in unity. #Freewill_ML

The condition “Man’s heart will be proud on the Creator’s path” prevents one from overcoming his ego and he leaves #Kabbalah. He can’t lower his ego, rise in bestowal above reception (faith above reason), set an example of unity and bestowal to friends, and he leaves.#Freewill_ML

#Europe “center of the world” is over. Interdependence and weakness of Euro-states. TNCs are dividing the #world. #Politics relies on force. Digitization of life leads to change in #consciousness. A united world is founded on unity above egoism. Only Kabbalah is capable of that.

From Twitter, 3/17/18

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