45 Minutes For Mutual Guarantee

laitman_528_01Question: The specifics of my work involve my constantly interacting with lots of people. How can I avoid conflicts and enhance cooperation? After all, we are so different…

Answer: One has to display a special wisdom. There are closed societies where it is necessary for people to get alone with each other initially.

There are special exercises and very difficult techniques. For instance, people execute space mission for six months or leave for a lengthy submarine deployment.

Of course, at any place of work there are always people with whom we collaborate easily, we understand them and they understand us. How to establish the right relationship itself is what mankind is still trying to learn.

Question: What are the criteria for a successful cooperation? How should the similarity of people manifest itself?

Answer: They should be similar to each other. It happens everywhere ranging from common taste in food, music, sports, and ending with habits. I am talking about ordinary people and not those who deliberately overcome themselves in something.

Question: How can we inwardly enrich ourselves by using our distinctive features, different views?

Answer: There is only one solution that allows you to connect different, distant, divergent people where each one of them is the whole world in itself. This, however, does not mean digging inside each of them.

Every day they should discuss certain topics in their circles. For instance, it should be for an hour or at least 45 minutes. This way they can mutually engage each other.

Question: Suppose we are in a working group and together we need to produce something. Everyone has their own opinion, their quality, one sees the whole process differently and strives to win over the rest. How can this type of interconnection help us get to the fruit of our cooperative work and achieve the best result?

Answer: If this “Hitkalelut” (interconnection) will occur according to the principles of integral education, with members of the work group building a certain platform above each other (every one of them), called mutual guarantee, mutual permeation, in short, this is a correct unity.

Although each of them, in fact, comes from a different environment: the parental home, kindergarten, school, different culture and mentality; at this point they seem to rise above all the differences between them, as if they go towards a new “mother,” the general mother for all, which is called “Divinity.”

Of course, you need to start with the rules of the seminar. It is not necessary to interrupt each other, disagree, and argue. This form of communication is still poorly known to mankind, but it has to be learned.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/11/14

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