The Workshop Should Light The Spark Of Life

The Workshop Should Light The Spark Of LifeWe are all connected since one cannot be impressed without the others. Suppose I lack two Sefirot in order to complete the full ten Sefirot, and I am totally closed, feel absolute darkness. If I add the attributes that I need, everything is suddenly revealed and lit up.

It is enough to include one item that is missing in the system and it immediately begins to operate, although it is one of a thousand identical items. If the collective impression reaches the necessary level of connection, it determines our next level, the new height.

At a very high point a large number of desires should connect in greater mutuality, in a great collective impression by the Light. What is this collective impression made of? They are impressed by the connection between them, by their unity and the benefit they receive from this mutual cooperation. Everyone gives life to others: the Light of Ruach.

None of us has this Light; it is created as a result of our connection. It is the Creator (Boreh) that we reveal, this is why we call Him “come and see” (“Boreh“).

Life is created by the connection of dead cells. If they connect correctly, they suddenly come to life. There is a certain force from the inside that spurs them to life, but in itself it is invisible. We discover this upper force only if we “come and see” the Creator between us.

I hope that during the workshops you will begin to discover this inner impression in the connection between you. The words themselves are meaningless; the key is the action of the Light that Reforms. The story itself only inspires to connect, to search but not more than that.

We want to attain the impression by the connection. This excitement is called Light that will flow between us in this correct connection, in a circle. Then this circle will turn into a mechanism that generates the Light, life!

The Workshop Should Light The Spark Of Life
We, being so different from one another, connect into one system, like in an electric schema with a cable, a resistor, a magnet, and a battery that generates voltage in a circuit. If all parts don’t connect with the others, the system doesn’t work. When this chain is connected correctly, it begins to generate the force of life in it. We begin to discover that there is life in it: the Light of NRNHY!

The general Light of NRNHY is the Creator, “come and see,” the upper Sefira, Keter. When we attain life, we attain its source within them, the element of life called the Creator. He is revealed in the system, in the right connection between us.

This is what I expect from the workshops and we will reach that gradually. In the meantime, we tend to forget this and discuss different theoretical things. But with the help of the passages that I read, I want to bring you to the emotional impression. Sometimes I ask a theoretical question, but in any case I expect you to connect. This is the only outcome of the workshop—to what extent we managed to connect by the process we have been through.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/30/12, TES

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  1. Let there be light, between us.

    Speak this to the darkness in your dreams, in the cold and infinite void of space, and observe the resulting explosion of light, reminiscent of the beginning. We say dreams are not a part of this, and yet, the entire memory of ein sof is accessible through conscious dreams. Are we surprised? In a dream, your ego is suppressed entirely, and we are without body.

  2. I must tell you that my Ten are the most beautiful , sincere women I have ever known. When I read and discuss with them I feel the energy . The qualities of the Ten seferot are strengthening and growing each day! thank you for your guidance and unwavering patience to lead us to en sof

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