The Constancy Of The Methodology

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How often will the integral methodology be changing as we begin to work with it?

Answer: This methodology generally is not going to change. Possibly, its first part will be reducing because man will internally start to agree and understand what it is.

That is why, supposing, instead of ten lessons of an introductory course, only half an hour would be enough and maybe even less than that, since all of these facts will already “live” inside of people. They will already be feeling that egoism is evil and we have no way out, we cannot alter this world, it is simply not in our hands.

Meaning that they will come to such a state where they will actually want to hear something serious. And then from their internal disappointment, the feeling of complete hopelessness, they will be able to value what we are teaching them, where all of this comes from, what all of this is coming to, and what is the general picture of the world, integral and discrete simultaneously, consisting of small pieces.

Subsequently, it is these people, who will become the teachers of humanity.
From the Virtual Lesson 7/15/12

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