The Children Of The Universe, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe cannot say that a person knows himself, not to mention humanity in general. As a result we cannot know this world, which is the entirety of all the levels: still, vegetative, animate, and human.

We cannot, primarily because we do not know ourselves. We have to admit the fact that even psychology isn’t a science in the true sense. A person’s essence always remains an enigma to us. We see the outcome and the consequences of different processes on ourselves by our reactions to something and we study them in a very limited manner as we are dependent on and biased in our assessments.

Moreover, we are helpless when we want to ascend to a higher level—the one that created us—and even higher to the plan of creation. Judging by different events and by our own personal experience while advancing, we see that all the forces of nature are in one system that is whole and integral. These forces operate according to certain processes and are operated according to a certain general plan that we know nothing about but are included in.

But the natures of the still, vegetative, and animate fulfill the plan instinctively, by the command of nature’s orders, while we, along with the feeling that we are involved in it, there is a sense of having our own actions.

If we could approach the study of nature based on these two feelings, we could perhaps attain something. But science on the whole is not engaged in research of the human level because we have no real means to measure it.

Consequently, we only observe what is happening, and this is the essence of our studies. We observe, collect data, and establish a system of scientific knowledge. In addition, we use our modest options to influence the various phenomena and states of still, vegetative, and animate nature, as well as man, and observe the reaction that allows us to understand something.

Even if we ignore the fact that all our observations and studies are based on our subjective perception.the results are still a summary that, in essence, give us little. After all, they are derived by our five limited senses.

By studying the flora and fauna, we can see the range of our perception, but these results are uncertain, we compare them with ourselves and not the present standard. Our three-dimensional sight, the beat of our pulse, the movement of sun and the moon that measure a day, geological eras and the age of the universe, are all very subjective measures.

Thus, our desire to know the universe is actually not too serious. A person is like a child who attributes unrealistic abilities to himself. Eventually we use only the forces of nature that we can reach. We collect and present them in simple drawings and use them according to our abilities.

We do not differ greatly from prehistoric man who used a stick in order to build or to destroy. Our sticks are a bit different: particle accelerators, observatories, etc., but the principle is the same. We are just like babies who want to touch everything and put them into their mouths, but we are just on another level.

We are not even aware of how limited we are. Here and there we discover that nature is much broader and deeper, but we don’t know to where and how it expands. We cannot penetrate into the higher dimensions or exit our three-dimensional frame: the coordinates of time, motion. and space.
From KabTV’S “A New Life” 3/2/14

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