How Do We Transform The Way Of Suffering Into The Way Of Light?

laitman_938_02From Shamati #1, “There is None Else Beside Him”: Namely, he is sent thoughts and views, which are against the work. This is in order for him to see that he is not one with the Lord.

The person is not prepared to overcome the thoughts and desires that are aroused within his mind and heart. He is not prepared to overcome them alone without the support of the environment. He needs other people like him who will show him a good example related to his condition.

A good environment is the friends who are more or less going through the same state, each one according to his personal Reshimot (informational genes). But for all of them there is the same intention, the same goal. Everyone understands what must be done. And even if they don’t understand, the main thing is that they try to present a good example to each other.

When we go through the next stage of spiritual work and gain strength, then the environment will treat us differently, it will demonstrate contempt for the goal. This is just as it was with the famous group of Kabbalists from Kotzk.

If I have a screen, the Light, and vessels, then the environment can help me without waiting for the next obstacle on the way. The environment will set up an obstacle in front of me that I must overcome. This is called, “I will hasten it” instead of the path of natural development.

Why should I wait until I receive a burdening of the heart from above if the society can cause this? The friends will show me that they seem to despise the spiritual path. And I will justify them, even though this is not the truth; I don’t see the truth, because I am damaged.

In this way we transform the path of suffering to the path of Light, each time placing a new obstacle in front of the friends and thus accelerating them, forcing them to demand vessels of bestowal and to advance. But this is appropriate only for great Kabbalists. In the meantime we need to show the friends inspiration for the greatness of the goal until they pass through the Machsom (barrier)and transform the way of suffering into the way of Light. Today we must be the force that pulls the entire society forward.

The first stage in preparing for the true spiritual work is to reach the feeling that you are in a Hevrah Kadisha, a sacred society. I must see that everyone is much greater than I am, and that I am not at all worthy of being among such people. But I am not ready to justify them and appreciate their height.

It is up to me to try to identify that the Creator is in them, at least to imagine this artificially, and to search for how it is possible to build my relationship with the group. But the true state of Lo Lishma (not for Her name) begins from the stage where I see everyone as the greatest of the generation. And in this state I have the opportunity to advance with their help. This means that I have placed myself in the right state of Lo Lishma.

Now the society can provide me with the fuel through which I will see all of them as great and will yearn to be with them. I want to adhere to them and learn from them, I want to be the smallest of them all; the main thing is to be together. This is already the right attitude through which I approach Lishma from Lo Lishma. I am already included correctly within the collective soul and I am thankful that the Creator is among the friends.

The only thing that I am missing is adhering to them. This means that I yearn for love of friends and after that from love of friends to love for the Creator.

But until then I cannot awaken a deficiency for love of the Creator within me if the intention is for a spiritual and not a physical egoistic deficiency as it is with everyone. There are very clear signs of this; if we judge according to our attitude towards the society, from this attitude it is possible to examine our state.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/29/14, Shamati #1

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