Access To The Fate Control Console

laitman_277Question: How do I get access to a console that controls the film of life?

Answer: It is necessary to rise above your egoism to where your thoughts, desires, forces, and actions all aimed at bestowal are and not towards their own benefit. A life at such a height requires that you make a restriction of your egoism and acquire an anti-egoistic screen, to enclose yourself with a shield, ensuring that you will never think about any action for your own sake. If you are protected against egoistic intentions, then you will be allowed to enter there.

Question: Whose benefit will I be thinking of if not about my own?

Answer: You will be thinking about the benefit of the whole overall program, its correct, good, and fast implementation for the good of all creatures. If you are going to dream about it, you will be able to come to it. After all, this is when you will be able to join the forces that are called “angels” actively participating in their work.

Question: Is it scary to reveal angels?

Answer: There is nothing to worry about. Angels are just a force, as if all of the powers of this world. You will learn to use them, and they will begin to listen to you. The forces of nature are called angels. The force of gravity is also an angel.

You come into the control room of all creation to participate in its management, along with all the other forces of nature for the benefit of humanity, promoting it to the desired goal. After entering there, you will be obliged to arm yourself with the power of love. Then you will use all available forces there for the benefit of all mankind.

Question: Do I get the power not only over my own destiny, but also the power over the fate of all the others?

Answer: You will not be interested in your personal destiny; you will take care of all of humanity, all souls. You will gain control of the entire program of creation in order to promote it by the Light that is directed towards the good development.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/11/15

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