Exit Egypt Every Day

laitman_236.01Before anything else, it is necessary to connect to the Creator and then try to perceive all obstacles through that point of connection so that they are used to intensify the connection with the Creator rather than taking us deeper into our daily problems.

I must leave all my fears and worries and adhere to “There is none else besides Him.” I connect to the Creator, to this single existing reality, as one point, as in the beginning of creation.

“Behold that before the emanations were emanated and the creatures were created, the upper simple Light had filled the whole existence. And there was no vacancy, such as an empty atmosphere, a hollow, or a pit, But all was filled with simple, boundless light.” And then, in this Light, a black point solidified opposite to the Light in its desire to receive.

But it completely annuls itself before the Light, and I want to do exactly the same! And after I achieve adhesion with the Light in this single point, in other words, in all that is happening to me I see only the Creator, I will be able to start to open my mind, heart, thoughts, and desires to the extent that I am be able to relate them to the Creator.

I myself have nothing; I remain a single point. None of my sensations belong to me, they are all sent by the Creator so that I adhere to Him even more. Then my point of adhesion will begin to expand over all these disturbances and my degree of connection to the Creator will increase. It turns out that these are not obstacles at all. They are rather “help against Him,” since for me, this point is in opposition to the Creator, but it helps me increasingly strengthen our adhesion.

I am not always able to relate everything to the Creator, even though I understand that this is how it should be. Such problems and fears can arise that I am unable to maintain my adhesion with the Creator. The sign of adhesion is joy from the fact that there is none else beside Him, the good that does good. When I am in adhesion with Him, I feel myself complete and perfect because anyone who is in adhesion with perfection is also perfect.

If, however, there is no joy, it means that I am in exile and not in adhesion with “There is none else besides Him.”

I sit at work and experience myself in exile, needlessly wasting my time. Someone came up with all these tasks and I have to waste my entire life in them. There is no way out; I must continue, but with the constant intention that along with all this activity, I am connecting to the Creator and annulling myself before Him. And it is specifically because of my job and all the problems, the so-called illusory world, that I have the possibility to strengthen my connection.

And if I reach adhesion, then I cease to experience this world, it disappears. Instead of separating, it becomes unifying, instead of concealing the screen, it reveals the screen.

I turn exile into liberation only by bringing everything to the Creator, and this is enough. The entire difference between Egypt and Israel is that the same exact desire that was revealed in Egypt changes its intention to bestowal, after passing through the desert and entering the land of Israel. That is why each day we should see ourselves as exiting Egypt.

Each day must be devoted to achieving adhesion with the Creator; that is how I reveal that I am in exile. That is why I will have daily work to adhere to the Creator above all distractions and turn my evil inclination into good, to turn the angel of death into the angel of life.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/7/18, Writings of Rabash, “A Real Prayer Is Over a Deficiency”

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