Half Of The World’s Food Is Wasted

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from BBC News): “The Institution of Mechanical Engineers said the waste was being caused by poor storage, strict sell-by dates, bulk offers and consumer fussiness. …

“According to the report – “Global Food; Waste Not, Want Not” – from the UK-based institution, as much as half of the world’s food, amounting to two billion tonnes worth, is wasted. …

“The report said that between 30% and 50% of the four billion tonnes of food produced around the world each year went to waste.

“It suggested that half the food bought in Europe and the US was thrown away.”

My Comment: From Above, we are given everything, enough in all the areas of our lives, and only our egoism turns all the good that descends from Above into evil, in the form of health, education, food, weapons, culture, science, etc.—all that we do, we do to our detriment because there is egoism at the heart of our actions, as it is said in the Torah, “help against you,” which in any case turns everything against us.

That is why the only method to correct the omnipresent “distortion” is to replace our egoism with its opposite property—bestowal and love. It is not difficult at all if we do it together. The only problem is to start, and it is purely psychological!

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