The History Of Humanity – The Development Of The Mutual Guarantee (Arvut) – Part 3

Laitman_051The Basis of Arvut in Nature

Where can we find this approach? By studying ourselves we can observe how cleverly we were created; all of our organs and systems inside our body are completely interconnected. Not one system, organ, or cell in a body exists for its own sake; everything is directed at the body’s needs. Although all of the body parts are at the animate level of existence, by connecting together they create a higher level of development, “homo sapiens.” When all these parts work in harmony with each other, they rise higher than the animate level, above the living body.

If we were to draw this analogy with the human society, this is how we need to exist. Even inside the body every organ is egotistic and wants to exist on its own, but yet it “knows” that life is only possible when all of the organs interact together, when each one takes care of the rest. That’s why the heart supplies the blood, the lungs supply the oxygen, the kidneys and liver clean the blood, and the brain “monitors” all of it. In essence, each organ is concerned with serving others rather than itself. This is the “mutual guarantee” inside our body.

In our body this happens naturally, but in society we have to consciously form these relationships. That’s why we shouldn’t destroy the evil inside us; we just have to put it to good use, to the benefit of the entire society.

We need to show every person, every group, every sector of society, every school of thought, or movement how one can use their qualities to benefit the whole society, and then people will see that by helping others they can fully realize themselves. And then our differences and contrasts connect together; we rise to the next dimension, and start to understand the whole of nature, its purpose, program, and goal. Thus we reveal the science of a higher order.

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