The World Is In A Crisis Of Trust


Opinion (Yaroslav Romanchik, President of Scientific Research Mises Center): “Money cannot buy love – an irreplaceable asset for keeping families happy. Economic wellbeing is not enough for that. We need trust which cannot be purchased with money. Trust can only be formed and ‘assembled’ from tiny grains with care under cautious control of common sense and a generous heart. Trust is especially needed to overcome a crisis.

“A husband cannot replenish a lack of trust by simply writing a check to his wife. When business is in crisis, mere increase of credit line won’t resolve the problem; on the contrary, it most likely will exacerbate the situation.

“Obviously, governments cannot get rid of crises by increasing loans, selling their “family silverware” and/or reducing national revenues.

“We are in need of lots of trust: between investors and banks, financial institutions and borrowers, businesses and authorities, citizens and governments, consumers and manufacturers, common people and political leaders, general public and businesses, media, community organizations, etc. In order to exit the crisis, we need powerful moral authorities. The list of the most influential people does not coincide with the rating of the richest people published in Forbes -500.”

Comment: People won’t trust each other if they are governed by egoism; each of us wishes good only to himself. Only the fear that we will harm ourselves even more keeps us from mutual destruction. We can trust only those who love us, like infants in their mothers’ arms.

If under the influence of an integral upbringing we can manage to change our inexplicable (natural) hatred toward each other into love, then this will eventually descend to our world. Nature has prepared a method of this process for us. The question is whether it will happen before or after we admit our mutual groundless hatred.

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