The History Of Humanity – The Development Of The Mutual Guarantee (Arvut) – Part 1

Laitman_001_01The Relevance of the Mutual Guarantee

This discussion is dedicated to the topic of Arvut (Mutual Guarantee) through the prism of the history of the people of Israel. We say that Arvut can save the Israeli society and the world as a whole. In this discussion we will travel back into the past in order to see the roots of our current situation.

In essence, a program that is moving us towards Arvut controls our world. Man differs from the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature because he is so egotistic that he enjoys the suffering of others, wants to reign over them, to “swallow” the whole world. But gradually, as he develops, he reaches a state when he has to perform a correction, to change himself, to become like nature and bond with it.

The unity of all of humanity, their “mutual guarantee” leads them to a connection with nature. This correction of human nature happens through the revelation of evil, our egoism. People start feeling that their egoistic relationships are destructive to their personal life, society, their country, and the world, but it’s not clear to them what to do with their evil nature at first. And then, through suffering they reveal a method that allows them to unite and become similar to the global, integral nature, to connect like cells in a living body, and to merge into one whole system of nature.

In this unification, they reveal a special type of existence, start perceiving the general system of nature and the cohesion of all of its parts. They see how the inner force of nature controls everything and leads humanity to perfection. And this way it doesn’t develop by the constraining “historical” path of development, but by developing an understanding and agreement, our own personal conscious involvement with this process instead.

We need to have our own input in our development. We have to strive for the unification of all of the parts of nature and understand that this is the highest degree of our development; this gives us the “human” form. By doing this we acquire the integral force of nature and guide the human society to flourish.

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