Clever Or Freaks…

Laitman_120In the News (from Business Insider): “Genetically engineered human beings could have IQs of 1000 or higher. At least that’s the theory from scientist Stephen Hsu.

“He thinks that by tweaking our genomes we could make humans drastically smarter. Hsu makes his case in Nautilus — and the implications are as tantalizing as they are terrifying. He’s also published the theory in more detail at ArXiv, though it wasn’t peer-reviewed. …

“The prospect of such superhumans roaming the same planet as us normals is, frankly, terrifying. As Hsu writes, ‘[t]he corresponding ethical issues are complex and deserve serious attention in what may be a relatively short interval before these capabilities become a reality.’

“He speculates that some countries will make genetic engineering legal before others, and, perhaps obviously, that elites will be the first ones who can avail themselves of the benefits of superintelligence for themselves and their children. But he believes — and we should hope — that access to this kind of technology will become democratized so that everyone can benefit.”

My Comment: The human being needs a little bit of happiness, or as it is written in the Torah, “he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.” In addition, getting ahead of nature, we call suffering on ourselves. After all, if you do not balance knowledge with education, care for people and nature, then IQ, abilities, and knowledge will be turned into evil!

We are an integral part of the world and must ensure that our knowledge is not higher than our moral level, otherwise we will fall into existence full of suffering. Knowledge must be balanced with upbringing! Otherwise, we will produce brainy freaks!

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