Engels Was Right

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (V. Novozhenov, Altai State University, from window.edu.ru): “Humanity is a part of nature. More than a hundred years ago, when both scientists and engineers talked about the conquest of nature, Engels noted that man should not rule over nature like conquerors over a foreign nation.

“Human domination over nature is based on the fact that unlike other creatures, a human being is able to learn its laws and apply them correctly. To avoid irrational actions in dealing with nature, we first of all have to understand: What should our rational actions be? How to avoid spontaneous impact on nature? Where and how to direct our efforts?

“Below is the list of most significant global environmental problems:

  • Hunger, as an expression of social, economic, environmental, and demographic problems;
  • Shortage of drinking water;
  • Shortage of fertile land;
  • Arid lands, deforestation, and desertification;
  • The increase of the greenhouse effect;
  • The danger of nuclear conflict;
  • Regional and international conflicts based on the competition for natural resources and territory.

My Comment: Only an understanding of the laws of nature and compliance with them will help us correct the existing dangerous state. This is similarity with nature in its integral connection and interaction, as well as reasonable consumption. All our problems stem from growing egoism. It can be used correctly only if we introduce universal global education on how to behave correctly in society and in relation to nature.

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