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As man keeps failing in all areas of life, his faith in #religions, #mysticism, charms and other “havens” will vanish. A cornered humanity will be ready for anything, even the transition to the principle “Love your friend as yourself.”

– Does man attain the Creator after much suffering and pain?
– Not necessarily. Man must suffer, but this must be the suffering of love, like someone in love who yearns for the object of his #passion. Therefore, there is #suffering, but it’s sweet.

The attainment of a new degree is followed immediately by a descent. One must accept it with understanding and gratitude, with a “prayer to return the soul to the Creator.” So that one can get an even greater #ego to correct in the next #life, in an ascent. #Spiritualwork_ML

Each member of the group must fill it with livelihood daily. The friend who weakens along the way feels the influence of the group and that it breaths into him the spirit of life and strength to reach the goal, so that obstacles and weakness disappear by the power of the group.

Spiritual #salvation from the #ego comes only to those who demand it immediately. And to someone who can wait—it will never come. To achieve such a perfect desire and demand is possible only in strengthening unity with the friends, which makes the demand absolute. #bestowal

It is necessary to constantly care about increasing the #connection and love because the ego keeps emerging, causing the connection to cool down. When receiving gifts from the Creator in the form of nearing, one must cultivate his increasing gratitude, which reveals the Creator.

– What is #suffering from the viewpoint of #Kabbalah?
– Suffering from the viewpoint of Kabbalah is sensations that appear as a result of being disconnected from others.

The Purim Story Actually Explains the Solution for Social Division and Anti-Semitism …


– What do you mean by the ego?
– The ego is resistance to unity.

On the #spiritual #path worldly thoughts sometimes capture & subordinate a person. And only when he blindly clings to the teacher and books can he return to the right thoughts and desires. And no clever objections will help—only a blind adhesion to the teacher & the sources.

When waking up, connect the first moment with the #Creator, for Him to keep you connected to Him 24 hours, so that nothing hides Him from you. And constantly check if something conceals the Creator from you. And if it does, immediately ask the Creator for constant adhesion.

When one receives support, he feels a taste in spiritual work. The support is to fight the ego. If he doesn’t use it against the ego & sees nothing to fight, the support is withdrawn and he craves the earthly again. So one must overcome himself until receiving help from above.

If one began spiritual work not waiting for the desire to be given by the Creator, and the desire for truth pushes him forward, then if one fears losing the Creator’s #oneness, he asks for help and the Creator gives it. Expecting help from the Creator, he won’t receive it.

Having assumed the will of the Creator, a person doesn’t feel burdened by #spiritual work and can constantly adhere to the Creator. Only a fool doesn’t suffer in isolation from the Creator, or by the act of bestowal or prayer he would be calling for the Creator to help him.

#Faith should be as if you are standing before the Creator with love & trepidation. Until you reach such faith—do not rest and do not sell yourself for earthly awards that neutralize spiritual desires & pain. But worrying about such a threat guards one against descents. #quote

Today a small illumination fills ego-desires, hence the world & science hit a dead end, a crisis, no breakthroughs. We’re left to clarify connections of various phenomena. This allows us to recognize the world’s boundaries & total interconnection of all its parts. #consciousness

All #sciences besides Kabbalah are revealed w/ a weak light that can shine into desires to receive w/ the intention for oneself. So our whole #world exists w/o intention to bestow. But this small illumination allows the egoistic desires to mature to the necessity for correction.

– Why does a person become more lonely with age?
– Because nobody needs him. You need to make it so that people will have for you, so you could help them. And then everything will be good, and you won’t feel lonely. #loneliness

#Mankind is entering a new age. This transition takes place in the ongoing evolution of our perception of the world. We’re no longer just material in the Creator’s hands, but are actually contributing to our development. This is why #Kabbalah is being revealed. #Evolution

No matter how unpleasant the circumstance, try to imagine everything stemming from the Creator. If you attribute everything that happens to Him, keep doing it, stubbornly, until you begin to sense #Evil as Good, and may even reveal the Creator.

The main thing is to attribute all problems exclusively to the Creator, no matter how contradictory they may appear to Him. And then we’ll see that though they initially separated us from the Creator, if we exert to attribute them to #Him, the separating events connect us to Him.

By connecting among ourselves in the group/ten, we picture ourselves #TOGETHER and thus draw the upper light OM. It brings us closer. We try to draw closer, and to the extent of our efforts, the light changes us and brings us to the 1st unification–the #spiritual embryo

Only by aspiring to leave the ego’s authority (Haman, intention for self), I discover its power over me in thoughts/desires. #ego #egoistic #Haman

A question arises: How do I use desires w/o intention for myself (Haman’s intention), but for the Creator’s pleasure, w/ intention to bestow (Mordecai) #purim2018 #Haman

“The Creator’s nation” is when people are completely interconnected with the law of total bestowal, love, mutual aid. When they live in the sensation of “WE” and not “I.” #we #love #mutualaid

One who wishes to reveal the #Creator reveals evil, plus the chance to confirm that it comes deliberately from the Creator, to help one hold on to the thought “there is none else besides Him.” And if one remains convinced that everything comes from the Creator, one reveals Him!

Just as #Israel turns 70, a new global wave of #Antisemitism is upon us. It is masked as legitimate criticism of the state of Israel. Its goal is to strip away Israel’s right to exist. Its root and cause is explained in The Preface to The Book of Zohar (to be continued…)

The #ego in which we were developing had exhausted itself. Development stimuli (#money & #power for which we studied/worked) have dried up. Distorted forms: abstract work & money. Global #crisis of humanity. The recognition of the necessity to create a society similar to nature.

#Purim teaches us that the next stage in mankind’s development is prosecution of Jews by the world’s #Antisemitism, by all nations & countries for their troubles. Germany was a mere rehearsal for the world #Holocaust. Salvation, as in Purim, is only in unification of the

#Purim. The need to transition toward relationships of love & bestowal arises when the ego manifests its endless power, and it becomes clear that it threatens and leads us to destruction, a world war. Only then do we come to need the method of Kabbalah, to change ourselves.

The Creator purposely puts the EGO #Haman to govern the world. And only when man realizes that the ego threatens his existence, he turns to the Creator for help so as to defeat the Haman in him. It follows that with his threat to destroy, Haman helps man awaken to Creator.

Social media is in crisis. Bots (posts and comments (from nonexisting ppl) & fake news have flooded the Internet, forcing users to retreat into discussion niches. Like a cancer, the #ego kills the body and dies along with it! The solution lies only in curing the ego! #FakeNews

Before the Holiday of #Purim we must realize that we can’t oppose our huge, #evil ego. The righteous within us is weak, sitting on a rock at the king’s gates like Mordechai – an old man nobody reckons with.
And our ego, Haman, rules in us like the right hand of the king, Creator.

#Purim is the kindest holiday, revealing the Creator’s mercy. It symbolizes man’s entire spiritual work. All the holidays speak of breaking the broken soul of #Adam that must be made similar (Adame) to the Creator. And Purim speaks of concluding the process of correction.

From Twitter, 3/4/18

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