Anti-Semitism Was Born At Mount Sinai

laitman_740.03The law of development leads us to an ever greater mutual connection which requires us to have good relationships with each other. But the more communication systems we build, the higher the opposite side rises: diplomatic games, war, and the breaking of relationships.

On one hand, according to the development of nature, we will always strive to unite because this is demanded by advanced technologies and modern life. We switched from connection in small groups that existed thousands of years ago among cave people to complete disunity, and now we must unite again at a new level.

Also, humanity is striving toward connection, trying to create it. An example of this is the European Union, and various international organizations and unions. But it does not work out; they are all doomed to collapse and enmity, even greater than before unification started. After all, they cannot realize the law “love your neighbor as yourself.”

In order to realize their dream and become a truly united Europe, there is not even at least a small rapprochement between the nations, a mutual spirit and attraction. In a natural way, there is hatred, rejection, and separation between all nations. Therefore, we need to create a mutual attraction, but this cannot be done. After all, the method of correction can come only from Israel.

If Israel does not provide a method of correction, then tremendous anti-Semitism will break out in Europe again. All the “united Europe,” all of its three dozens of states, will be like Nazi Germany eighty years ago. The same future also awaits North and South America.

Everyone is ready for this. The time has come when Israel should show the method of connection. If we do not do this, the nations of the world will instinctively blame us again and again.

Anti-Semitism was born at Mount Sinai. Moses descended with the method of correction of egoism, and in parallel, at the same time, hatred toward Jews descended to the nations of the world. It is necessary to use the Torah in order to correct the hatred they receive from above, from the Creator.

The people of Israel are in the middle between the Torah and the nations of the world and must set one against the other. If we do not fulfill this mission, then we are bound to it from above and from below.

Therefore, one should not think that the State of Israel was created as a refuge for Jews. Of course, it serves as a refuge, but the question is: What for? What are we living for? This question about the meaning of our life should awaken us to find the right answer. We live in order to realize the law “love your neighbor as yourself” and to become a light for other nations, that is, to teach the whole world how to do it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/18, Lesson on Topic: “The Israeli Nation’s Day of Unity”

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  1. thats what i always said. The state of Israel is : BABYLYYYYYYYOOOON, ONNA HOLY MOUNT ZIIIIOOOON.

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