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My latest on @newsmax Laws Won’t Cure Social Epidemic of Gun Violence —

We must focus on building a value system within the person & a social environment around the person, which balance the human ego and direct it toward positive realization.  #Shootings

In the future, all holidays except Purim will be abolished, for Purim is the final correction of egoism by the full Upper light. We gradually correct 288 parts of egoism out of its 320 parts. In each correction, we involuntarily correct 32 parts, thereby revealing the whole Light

First images from the World Kabbalah Convention 2018#israel #Kabbalah #convention

#Purim #Antisemitism

#purim #holidays

The meaning of the month of Adar is in overcoming thoughts & desires arising in man against the Creator, His #singularity, which distances from Him. It’s necessary to see obstacles as sent by the Creator himself – to give one an opportunity to come closer to Him in spite of them.

Preparation for #Purim – awareness of ego’s evil nature, Haman, ready to kill anyone wanting to unite to be similar to the Creator, the quality of bestowal & love. But there is no strength to resist Haman. Find who dominates you, Haman or Mordechai, and accept Mordechai’s power.


Haman believed he could destroy Jews, because they are separated from each other and therefore separated from the Creator, thus deprived of His support. But Mordechai brought Jews closer together and to the Creator, thereby defeating #Haman and saving the Jews from extermination.

From Twitter, 2/27/18

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