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My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/7/18


#Psalm_143 Lord, hear my prayer. Do not judge me, for in Your sight no man living is righteous. Show me the way I should walk. Deliver me from my enemies. Teach me to do Thy will. For the sake of Your Name revive me. In Your mercy, destroy my enemies and all who afflict my soul.

#Psalm_144 Blessed be the Lord, my rock, my deliverer. He is my salvation. A man is like a breath, his days are like shadow. Lord, bow the heavens and come down. Rescue from hands of strangers. Let our garners be full, let our kettle bear. Blessed is the nation whose Lord is God.

#Psalm_145 I will bless Your name forever. The Lord is merciful, patient and graciou in His kindness. They will speak of Your mighty acts. Thy kingdom is everlasting, Thy power is upon all. God sustains all who fall. Close to all who call upon Him. Blessed be His name forever!

-If there’s no God, why pray? And to whom?
-There’s no imaginary God.

God is the force of love & bestowal that exists around us, but we don’t sense it.
It needs to be revealed within, to the extent of our equivalence of form. Then God will exist for us. #Kabbalist_advice #Wisdom

Book of #Zohar: Jews could’ve avoided Holocaust since only through them the Creator’s light enters the world. But if they don’t create this channel by engaging in Kabbalah—the whole world suffers and accuses them because it senses that they hide the source of abundance from it

Jews exist in order to (by engaging in Kabbalah) bring the nations to reveal the Creator. But they oppose studying Kabbalah & The Book of Zohar, because 2,000 years ago they fell from “love of others” to “unfounded hatred” and this makes them hate Kabbalah #Jewish #Israeli

My latest in @BINAlerts What The Book of Zohar Says About the Polish Holocaust Law: The Book of Zohar explains why the Polish law is just another expression of an inherent demand that the world has towards Israel
#Zohar #Poland #Holocaust

Introduction to the book of #Zohar (67-71): The nations accuse the Jews of all problems, instinctively sensing they are at fault. Indeed, according to the structure of the world, the #Jews are to blame that the Upper Light that brings abundance and peace doesn’t reach our world

Today, at the stage of the world’s correction, the peak of egoism is revealed, and if the Creator’s Light that Reforms isn’t revealed here, it causes misfortunes to manifest all over the world. Then the world intuitively accuses #Israel, demanding to fulfill its mission.

#Jews will face an increasingly negative attitude in the world. No safety for them. The law of nature – to bring the nations to adhesion with the Creator – will cause hatred for them and manifest in the claims: “What are you doing here? You do not have a place in the world!”

Fallen from spirituality, the #Jews stopped channeling the Light into our world. The nations sense the Jews as a harmful part that needs destroyed, since if we don’t bring the light into the world, we block it and bring darkness. (Introduction to The Book of #Zohar, items 66-71)

From Twitter, 2/7/18

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Listen, Scientists!

Laitman_917.01In the News (South China Morning Post): “China’s online education industry has grown rapidly in the past few years, but analysts believe more business opportunities will surface as technology advances and capital pours in.

“The country could become one of the world’s most vibrant online education markets in the future thanks to growing household spending power, an undersupply of education resources, and the introduction of the two-child policy, analysts said.

“The market is likely to grow 20 per cent annually, reaching 270 billion yuan (US$41 billion) in 2019, up from 156 billion yuan in 2016. Globally the online education market will rise to US$190 billion by 2019, statistics from iResearch and Decebo showed.

“This means big opportunities for online education companies in China, which had attracted 144 million users by June this year, according to data from China Internet Network Information Centre.”

Question: What this means is that the physical connection between people will cease. What is the benefit in this?

Answer: I think that this is a natural development of humanity. Egoism has developed and is no longer interested in being connected with anyone. If a person wants to, he will go to the pub in the evening, meet someone and so on. And if not, then he won’t. Four walls and a computer will be enough for him.

Question: Everything will be through the computer? And will emotions also be through the computer? They will connect electrodes and a person will be happy?

Answer: That is what will be until an inner resistance enters into consciousness because the spiritual genes within us that require forward movement toward the goal of creation are expanding, rising, and  opening in us. When they demand their realization, we will feel that we are living in evil and a lie; they will rebel against this situation. We will truly start a revolution and change the situation.

That is, if we survive until then, because the world is tirelessly galloping towards self-destruction.

Question: Does this mean that all progress, and everything that happens, one way or another, leads to a person hating evil and wanting to break out of it? Does this mean that all the logic in this world is required only for this? And does the entire world exist only for this purpose?

Answer: It is only for this. A person will delete all the content on his computer except for our website.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/16/17

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Breaking Israel News: “What The Book Of Zohar Says About The Polish Holocaust Law”

The largest portal Breaking Israel News published my new article “What The Book of Zohar Says About the Polish Holocaust Law“:

“Israel is the heart of the whole world, just as the organs of the body could not exist in the world even for a moment without the heart, so all the nations cannot exist in the world without Israel.”
The Book of Zohar, Pinhas

The Book of Zohar explains why the Polish law is just another expression of an inherent demand that the world has towards Israel

It’s easy to get angry at the Poles for trying to pass legislation that downplays their part in the Nazi crimes of the previous century. We can label them Holocaust deniers, blame them for distorting the truth, rewriting the historical narrative, and yes, we could even classify this as a form of anti-Semitism.

But let’s face it: anti-Semitism was not born yesterday. Therefore, beyond anger and frustration, we should try to understand where it’s coming from, and what can be done to solve it at its root.

The Demand from Jews Throughout History

In the early 1920s, Henry Ford, who was a known anti-Semite, published a series of booklets titled The International Jew where he wrote that “society has a large claim against him [the Jew] that he cease his exclusiveness, that he cease exploiting the world, that he cease making Jewish groups the end and all of his gains, and that he begin to fulfill, in a sense his exclusiveness has never yet enabled him to fulfill, the ancient prophecy that through him all the nations of the earth should be blessed.”

Similarly, famous author Leo Tolstoy wrote that “the Jew is the symbol of eternity. … He is the one who for so long had guarded the prophetic message and transmitted it to all mankind. A people such as this can never disappear. The Jew is eternal. He is the embodiment of eternity.”

If you look into it, you will find numerous statements from various thinkers throughout history, that sound much like the above, some more anti-Semitic, some less and some even favorable toward the Jewish people. But what exactly is that inherent demand that they express toward the Jews? And why can it take the form of blaming us for all the evils in the world, as many anti-Semites do?

The Zohar: The Nations Cannot Exist Without Israel

The Book of Zohar is a seminal ancient Jewish text that offers an extraordinary explanation: “Israel is the heart of the whole world, just as the organs of the body could not exist in the world even for a moment without the heart, so all the nations cannot exist in the world without Israel.”

In other words, just as the role of the heart in the human body is to be the driving force for blood to circulate throughout the body, the role of Israel is to drive the force of unity and human connection that brings livelihood and abundance to all nations of the world.

In light of The Zohar, anti-Semitism should be interpreted differently. It is like an indicator, an alert mechanism that turns on when human society is nearing a state of crisis. And while not all anti-Semites can articulate it, they somehow sense that the world’s problems have everything to do with the Jewish people.
But how is all of this possible?

The Book of Zohar maps out the forces operating our world and human society. It explains that the terms “Israel” and “The Nations” are not just people divided to groups on planet Earth. Rather, they also represent desires that drive human beings from within. “Israel” represents desires for unity and connection, while “Nations” represents desires for abundance and pleasure. The thing is that the abundance and pleasure in human society depend on unity and human connection.

The introduction to The Book of Zohar describes the mechanism: “When a person from Israel enhances and dignifies their internality, which is Israel in that person, over the externality, which is the nations of the world in him… one makes the children of Israel soar upward in the internality and externality of the world as well, and the nations of the world, which are the externality, to recognize and acknowledge the value of the children of Israel.

In contrast, if an individual from Israel enhances and appreciates one’s externality, which is the nations of the world in him, more than inner Israel in him… one causes the externality of the world in general—the nations of the world—to soar ever higher and overcome Israel, degrading them to the ground, and the children of Israel, the internality in the world, to plunge deep down.”

Simply put, this means that when Israel doesn’t fulfill its function, they block the abundance from circulating to the rest of the world, generating a negative pressure that accumulates within the nations of the world, which is the root-cause of anti-Semitism.

Reversing the Trend

So how can we increase our sensitivity and turn on “the Israel function” within us?

The Zohar doesn’t just explain the situation, it also provides the remedy. The Zohar’s texts describe lofty states of connection between us that elevate the whole of humanity to wholeness and perfection. When we engage in these texts, we raise our sensitivity and activate that Israel functions within us.

According to The Zohar, the Jewish customs and traditions we are familiar with are in no way sufficient if we wish to fulfill our role in the world. It writes poignantly: “Woe unto them… that make the Torah dry, without any moisture comprehension and reason. They confine themselves to the practical part of the Torah, and do not wish to try to understand the wisdom of Kabbalah, to know and to understand the secrets of the Torah and the flavors of Mitzva. Woe unto them, for with these actions they bring about the existence of poverty, ruin, and robbery, looting, killing, and destructions in the world.”

In other words, as long as we disparage the tremendous power inherent in The Book of Zohar and in the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah, we walk blindly in the world, increasing our self-concern, causing the natural law of anti-Semitism to play out. As the introduction to The Zohar writes: “In such a generation, all the destructors among the nations of the world raise their heads and wish primarily to destroy and to kill the children of Israel.”

Unconsciously, the world feels that we carry a unique remedy within us that will enable goodness, peace, and happiness to all. It isn’t hi-tech solutions, revolutionary medicine or advanced agriculture that the world awaits from us. It is only one thing: “to be a light unto nations,” a beacon of unity, a nation that generates a force of human connection that brings the world together. That is the only way to break the vicious cycle of anti-Semitism and gain the world’s affection. And that is the only hard and fast law, legislated by nature, that we need to be worried about.

Will Social Conditions Improve?

273.02Question: We see social conditions improve for people from year to year. Work conditions for the labor force 100 years ago and today cannot even be compared. Will social conditions continue to improve further?

Answer: The fact is that we cannot compare current conditions with what existed 100 years ago, especially in Africa. Today Africans are eager for Europe and demand that they too have a European standard of living. You cannot go to them and say, “How can you demand that?! Your fathers lived in huts with their goats and knew nothing else.”

Everything changes, demands change. People now are completely different. They feel the global humanity and their demands are already on a different level. Therefore, suggesting they “live like your ancestors” is impossible.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 12/24/2017

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Everything Comes From The Upper Force

laitman_938.01Question: The point in the heart and egoism can be conjugated only if we restrict the egoism and develop the point in the heart to the state of a screen (Masach). Does it mean that we have egoism that we must perform certain actions on called restriction?

Answer: No, we should not do anything with egoism. We should always try to get closer to each other, and egoism will only hinder us in this. But this is what is called “help against you.” The fact that egoism hinders us is a good thing. It means that with its help we develop forces that are opposite to it. But there is nothing to expect in the egoism itself—no special manifestations.

Question: What is the development of the point in the heart up to the state of a screen (Masach)?

Answer: The concept of a screen (Masach) is revealed when, through my efforts, I suddenly begin to feel the existence of the Creator: the upper, all-determining, and governing force. From this moment, I already act differently.

My actions that take into account the upper force, the upper governance, the upper goal, bestowal, and love—i.e., the states outside the boundaries of my egoism—are called spiritual.

Involuntarily there is a restriction—the work with egoism determining with what force I strive to bestow, to connect with others. It depends on the degree of the revelation of the upper force in me that gives me an opportunity to act altruistically.

Question: But for a person of this world, the upper force is something unknown?

Answer: There is nothing unknown here. A person cannot feel it because he does not do anything for it. We need to act in the framework that we are given: to unite with others, to study the sources, to try to achieve adhesion, caring for each other and for the mutual guarantee, and then we form one common whole. In this commonality we will begin to feel the upper force.

Question: Will it suddenly manifest itself?  Is it impossible to predict when this will happen?

Answer: When it manifests, then we will know.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/16/17

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New Life 934 – What Is “The Future?”

New Life 934 – What Is “The Future?”
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

The future is what we construct from our perception in the present. In fact, past, present, and future only exist within our perception. Time exists according to our sense of fulfillment in life or lack thereof. To take it a step further, a person can actually control reality by making internal changes in his perception of the world! According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, a person learns how to relate to life correctly by investigating his own perception rather than the surrounding world.
From the KabTV’s “New Life 934 – What Is “The Future?”,” 12/19/17

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 2/8/18

Preparation for the Lesson

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Lesson on Topic: “The Israeli Nation’s Day of Unity” 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Nation,” “The Individual and the Nation” 

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