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#Psalm_143 Lord, hear my prayer. Do not judge me, for in Your sight no man living is righteous. Show me the way I should walk. Deliver me from my enemies. Teach me to do Thy will. For the sake of Your Name revive me. In Your mercy, destroy my enemies and all who afflict my soul.

#Psalm_144 Blessed be the Lord, my rock, my deliverer. He is my salvation. A man is like a breath, his days are like shadow. Lord, bow the heavens and come down. Rescue from hands of strangers. Let our garners be full, let our kettle bear. Blessed is the nation whose Lord is God.

#Psalm_145 I will bless Your name forever. The Lord is merciful, patient and graciou in His kindness. They will speak of Your mighty acts. Thy kingdom is everlasting, Thy power is upon all. God sustains all who fall. Close to all who call upon Him. Blessed be His name forever!

-If there’s no God, why pray? And to whom?
-There’s no imaginary God.

God is the force of love & bestowal that exists around us, but we don’t sense it.
It needs to be revealed within, to the extent of our equivalence of form. Then God will exist for us. #Kabbalist_advice #Wisdom

Book of #Zohar: Jews could’ve avoided Holocaust since only through them the Creator’s light enters the world. But if they don’t create this channel by engaging in Kabbalah—the whole world suffers and accuses them because it senses that they hide the source of abundance from it

Jews exist in order to (by engaging in Kabbalah) bring the nations to reveal the Creator. But they oppose studying Kabbalah & The Book of Zohar, because 2,000 years ago they fell from “love of others” to “unfounded hatred” and this makes them hate Kabbalah #Jewish #Israeli

My latest in @BINAlerts What The Book of Zohar Says About the Polish Holocaust Law: The Book of Zohar explains why the Polish law is just another expression of an inherent demand that the world has towards Israel
#Zohar #Poland #Holocaust

Introduction to the book of #Zohar (67-71): The nations accuse the Jews of all problems, instinctively sensing they are at fault. Indeed, according to the structure of the world, the #Jews are to blame that the Upper Light that brings abundance and peace doesn’t reach our world

Today, at the stage of the world’s correction, the peak of egoism is revealed, and if the Creator’s Light that Reforms isn’t revealed here, it causes misfortunes to manifest all over the world. Then the world intuitively accuses #Israel, demanding to fulfill its mission.

#Jews will face an increasingly negative attitude in the world. No safety for them. The law of nature – to bring the nations to adhesion with the Creator – will cause hatred for them and manifest in the claims: “What are you doing here? You do not have a place in the world!”

Fallen from spirituality, the #Jews stopped channeling the Light into our world. The nations sense the Jews as a harmful part that needs destroyed, since if we don’t bring the light into the world, we block it and bring darkness. (Introduction to The Book of #Zohar, items 66-71)

From Twitter, 2/7/18

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