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Actions Of The Fathers—Sign For The Sons

laitman_292Question: What is the right way for someone to relate to everything that has happened to them in life?

Answer: From the experiences we live through, we must learn how to make fewer mistakes and from this moment onward to aim ourselves toward the most elevated goal in life.

Question: And what if a person lives in the past? For some people, it is very difficult to let go of the past.

Answer: Maybe in that case they need the help of a psychologist. I can tell you about myself. I am only directed toward the future, not toward the past. I draw conclusions from the past to guide me in the future, and after doing that, the past no longer exists for me. For someone to be immersed in past memories is a big problem. I do not allow myself to go digging in the past if there are no constructive reasons for it.

Question: How can someone tolerate and prevail against the negative experiences from their past?

Answer: I don’t fight the past. Instead, I exchange it for the future. We need to occupy ourselves with our future achievements, not bury ourselves in the past. Battling the past is not the right approach.

I erase my entire past, and if it doesn’t happen easily, then I forcefully strike it out. When the moment is past, it is already in the past. It is not possible to return to it. Then, why should we attempt to return to it? It’s already dead. Why do we need to raise the dead?

Question: Then, why did it occur?

Answer: The past occurred in order for me to draw conclusions from it, to learn something from it, and to continue on a corrected course. The past occurred only for the future.

The elderly enjoy reminiscing about how good it was in their youth or what suffering they had to go through. But, it doesn’t go anywhere. Unfortunately, for many in their senior years, there is nothing left for them in life other than their memories.

I think that while the individual is alive, he has things to do in order to move toward his goal in life. I live in order to use each day, to always add more and more toward the goal of revealing the Creator within me. Personally, this is my goal by the end of the day to reach an ever greater revelation of the upper Force.

Each individual has their own goal and needs to check that it actually utilizes his abilities maximally, or even a little more.
From KabTV’s “New Life #942 – How To Treat The Past,” 1/7/18

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Prayer To The Right Address

232.1Prayer is my last action in relation to the Creator. In response to the prayer, He will make a correction. That is why everything ends with prayer. Before it, we need to prepare, to find out exactly what I am asking for, in what way, and for whose sake.

Prayer includes all the requests that the creature raises to the Creator. Of course, this does not happen all at once. It is not expressed in any words or sentences, but is based on clarifications, one after another, and requests for help until we come to the perfect prayer.

The Creator is the full HaVaYaH that exists in the world of infinity and contains absolutely everything. Therefore, if we want to get something from there, we must make a precise request, just as in a computer: exactly what address to go to, what password and command to use, etc.

This request then passes through all the stages and enters Malchut of the world of infinity where there are endless possibilities. All the Kelim and all the Lights are there from the beginning, as it is written, “the end of the action lies in the initial thought.” That is, the completely corrected state exists there in all its splendor.

If we work correctly, we join this system. Based on our request, we find the right place in it and extract what we need from this general “memory” where desires and Light already exist in unity. This influences us and promotes us to the state we requested in our prayer.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/25/18, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Letter 56”

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Change Rather Than Coercion

Laitman_120Question from Facebook: How can you talk about unity? In the days of Stalin, the government and society seemed too united. Hitler also united and educated people. You didn’t clarify exactly what slogans and ideology the government should adopt in order to unite and educate us, society.

Answer: Society must be educated. The problem is that in the past, nobody was taught how to be a member of society. A person can be manipulated by any education system with any doctrines, but a person must change, not be coerced. This has never been done before. A person has to become a social being.

By nature, a person is an egoist. Throughout human history, all attempts to change humanity and build a correct, good society managed by the people themselves have failed. People (even socialists) appoint representatives who with slogans of unity, nationalism, etc. still take everything for themselves and ultimately become capitalists. Therefore, the people always suffer.

An ideal and correct society can be built only by changing human nature. The method of Kabbalah exists for this purpose. It attracts a unique energy that is concealed in nature and is able to give form to a collective being. It enables a person to think about the whole society and not just about himself. Then we will truly be able to build a society in which people act willingly, thinking about the common good of the entire society.

I am sure this is possible because I know these hidden forces are waiting for us to use them and realize this idea.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/9/17

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When Will Mental Illnesses Disappear?

laitman_600.02Question: Could mental illnesses disappear from the world? How can this happen?

Answer: Psychiatric disorders will disappear very quickly if we become closer to one another. They appear only because we are separated from each other.

When we begin to connect again, or at least aspire to our common united state, then the Light will begin to cleanse us from within—all of us together—and we will again complement each other in a single harmonic system, and once again become a correctly functioning single organism.

Then all problems will disappear. After all, all diseases appear because we are separated, like a dismembered body.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/12/18

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New Life 931 – Evolution: The Next Stage

New Life 931 – Evolution: The Next Stage
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The next stage in the evolution of humanity requires people to move beyond the perception of matter to the perception of the force that governs matter. We are about to discover that there is no matter at all. Also, we are about to discover that evolution and extinction are pushing us toward the final spiritual form, which nature must reach. The goal is for people to resemble the Creator and become active in determining our next form. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how to rise to the next level of development through connection among people. In this new level, humans will have greater sensitivity, greater desire, and an integral mind, all rooted in the Creator.
From the KabTV’s “New Life 931 – Evolution: The Next Stage,” 12/12/17

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