The Importance Of Prayer

Laitman_032_01Question: You always emphasize the importance of prayer. I think that there isn’t a person who doesn’t pray in one way or another. Humanity has been praying for ages. What is a true prayer?

Answer: This is something we should learn. A prayer should include:

  • your current state, the expected future state, and the way to fulfill it;
  • turning to a power source, thanks to which you fulfill your request, your prayer, your dream; the One you turn to; and
  • how you receive this force, how you fulfill it in practice, and what you will do in order to achieve your goal; what you pray for.

If you don’t follow these steps, you are just like a child crying “I want!” and that’s all. Who will pay attention to that?

If you want to receive the power, the reason, and an accurate wise plan of your development, of attaining the goal, which will not just lead you anywhere, you must plan all of this internally and in advance, and then it will really turn into a prayer. This means that a great deal of work is required before entering a state called prayer.

Question: They say that even a cow mooing in the field is praying.

Answer: Yes, she is praying. Being in a beastly state, she understands what she needs, so she moos strongly since, after all, her udder is full and she needs to be milked. She is suffering.

Question: And what if a person suffers?

Answer: A person should understand what he needs and what he must do in order to get it.

He should understand his next state. We don’t know that. A cow knows exactly what she needs because she is on the animate level and has instinctive desires, while we can feel that only on the level of attainment.

So, in order to discover the right future state and from whom we can demand its fulfillment, we must study the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/31/16

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One Comment

  1. What is a true prayer?

    In response to your talk the other night – I tried (sort of willed) to receive the treasure in the words of’ ‘A Rav’ as you spoke and a miraculous input I felt

    I thank the Creator and I thank you because I think you should know that Kabbalah science works as you say

    A true prayer also happens through faith above reason – where faith means ‘really apply what A Man Says’

    As you say “your current state, the expected future state, and the way to fulfill it;” all get fulfilled for a length of time in a true prayer

    I pray that one day soon you will see this happen by the expressions on many faces.
    If you are agreeable

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