Diseases Are A Result Of Relationships

Laitman_112Remark: Scientists have determined that the cause of 32 to 40% of all diseases are not caused by viruses or bacteria but by emotional disorders, stresses, and psychological traumas that arise as a result of relationships between people.

My Comment: Certainly, if the nervous system is the basis for the regulation of all the body’s systems and if the balance is broken, they are out of balance, then this is the cause of all diseases.

The diseases may be unrelated to the nerves. The nervous system holds the entire body in the right condition and therefore has such an influence on it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/20/17

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One Comment

  1. If the body is healthy and the soul sick, then the health is meaningless. Similarly, if the body is Ill and the soul is healthy, then it’s possible that the disfunction is meaningless. Prime example to me is high achieving person’s with disabilities. They far exceed us on many levels. And if spiritual life does go beyond physical life, then how limiting are limits?

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