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The Bitcoin Phenomenon

The day will come when, by virtue of a new quality of interconnection between us, a new “currency” will emerge.

Below is a seven-year graph showing the Bitcoin-USD exchange rate, with an unprecedented rise in 2017 (Buy Bitcoin Worldwide).

Impressive, isn’t it?

Obviously, I am not a market analyst or expert on cryptocurrencies. However, Bitcoin is certainly not just a financial phenomenon. It is founded upon the attempt to create a completely new type of universal value.

It would seem that there is nothing backing the “virtual currency” except cryptographic algorithms. However, that is no laughing matter. After all, cryptography is intended to provide reliability and trust, which is already valuable in itself. It is as if the creators of the new coin are declaring: human nature with its “baggage” has no access to our territory.

The modern financial system cannot boast of having this feature; there, money is produced by banks and is a factor of the political and economic influences of specific countries and organizations. In other words, the “old” money serves very specific interests.

On the other hand, right before our eyes, a new, extra-governmental, extra-historical currency is being born, setting claim to becoming a universal, absolute equivalent, and even to driving gold out of its immovable position.

It is being born because the need for it is ripe. After all, globalization, which many people criticize, really is a natural phenomenon. It reflects the current state of humanity, which has already gathered into one whole technologically, but has not yet accepted this fact psychologically.

That is why we don’t yet understand how to use the cryptocurrency, how to integrate it into the system, and how it will later influence us, the ones who created it. However, that does not change its essence: the global world is demanding a global monetary equivalent that does not depend on local, subjective “circumstances” and interests.

On the other hand, if we treat this novelty like in the olden times, with traditional means, it will lose its “charm”—its objective value as seen by the public. Yes, in the beginning of the road, Bitcoin became a convenient means for deals on the black market, which found a way in here, yet the completely legal “financial mafia” will put an end to it and will find a way to secure a grip on the new coin.

Will the illegal players be able to preserve the freedom of the cryptocurrency? One way or another, its future depends on that. There are chances for that to happen since governments and banks are also connected to the “financial mafia.”

However, if we rise above the current fuss surrounding Bitcoin, we will see how egoism on a global scale is gradually building the respective global systems for itself, and in a way that does not attach artificial ideals and ideologies to them.

There is no “good” or “evil” here, but only business in the pure form. And what difference does it make if the reciprocal trust of the parties is provided by virtual computer computations? On the contrary, that makes it even better; there will be fewer errors in the calculations.

It turns out that we are talking about global trends and, for the most part, it makes no sense to resist them.

Moreover, in the future we will develop additional universal parameters, but ones of a social nature. The day will come when, by virtue of a new quality of interconnection between us, a new “currency” will emerge—social rating, expressed by a clear equivalent that anyone can understand.

People will be able to accumulate it as well, but not sell or buy it. It is more likely to have a comparative nature while having completely real value.

After all, society, especially one that is global, cannot be based on just bare egoism alone. Of course, it is rational in its own way, but when left to its own devices, it leads to a dead-end. The social aspect in man and society must take the upper hand over self-focus so the whole will not fall apart into pieces.

These are the paradigms of a new time, whose essence is not a single currency, but new relationships between people in a united, modern world.

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 12/24/17


How to fight without breaking up? You (friends, spouses) reveal flaws TOGETHER. NOT in each other, but in YOUR #relationship, and TOGETHER you come to the solution (prayer) so as to increase contact! Approach it systemically. Then you will attain ever greater spiritual ascents.

#2017inReview EU members disillusioned. The EU acts arrogantly and with nearsightedness by accepting refugees and governing with directives. It’s starting to tumble. The cause of its breakdown: unity is possible but not among egoists—only by the right education/change in people.

System of Adam (man) 5: From the split to two opposite systems, reception and bestowal, and their alternating connection in both states of infancy and adulthood, the notion and sensation of #TIME appear in our world.

System of Adam 4: Hence the necessity to create a system of Adam (man) IN OUR #WORLD who a) absorbs desires of the empty system of reception, b) connects to the system of bestowal and attains Creator’s likeness, converting desire to receive to desire to receive in order to bestow

System of Adam 3: TzA—restriction on receiving not for others & Creator—so the souls can connect to the Creator, convert reception to bestowal. The empty restricted desire is not in the system of bestowal, while in that of reception there’s no correction as it wants only to receive.

System of Adam 2: B) The receiving system—causes struggle for survival, Klipa, lacks 9 Sefirot, stems from void of a huge desire, restricted by TzA, hence fully opposite to the system of bestowal (where Malchut & the 9 Sefirot take part in bestowal, OH) and remains empty, dead.

International day of solidarity. Solidarity is actually one common goal—a wonderful goal that’s good for everyone, when all are united together to achieve it. But this is only possible ABOVE MAN’S EGO. #solidarityday

System of #Adam 1: To create & develop man to be like Creator, two opposite systems are necessary: A) The bestowing system, to birth and raise man, comprising two opposite parts: 9 Sefirot of bestowal with inner light & 1 Sefira of reception – Malchut, empty w. surrounding light

From Twitter, 12/24/17

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Kabbalah Is For The Whole World

254.02Question: For a long time, Kabbalah was a hidden teaching for the initiated. Do you think that the wisdom of Kabbalah is too serious a teaching for ordinary people?

Answer: Kabbalah is designated for absolutely everyone. It is written about this in The Book of Zohar. All the great Kabbalists write about this: Ari, his disciple Marchu (Chaim Vital), Baal HaSulam, Rav Kook, and Rabash.

Kabbalah is not a teaching, but an above-religion science about the structure of the upper world. Each person must attain it because he is part of this system. All of us at the end of our development must reach the state where we will be integrated into it with both mind and desire as positive elements.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/10/17

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From Poverty To Extreme Wealth

laitman_566.01Remark: Today, technological entrepreneurship is being cultivated in Israel. It is believed that a person with an interesting idea could jump from the status of a beggar to extreme wealth. For that reason, the future seems rosy and prosperous.

My Comment: This is the same American Dream! Everything was open before the first settlers who arrived in America. They were poor, but nothing was prohibited—by all means, do whatever you wish. Absolute freedom of enterprise. If you have the brains and an idea, all the routes were open to you. Today, it is no longer that easy. Money, language, and work permit—and you are a king.

Question: Nowadays, in different circles pursuing technological development, each person believes that they are next—they will make a career, earn billions, and start to live well. Is such faith realistic?

Answer: Today, this is still possible in high-tech since it is still held by the brilliance of the mind. There must be an idea. It can arise even in someone who is poor. Or in someone who has not even been educated, for example, like the student Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, the social networking site.

Brilliant ideas come more from Jews since their minds are arranged this way. They are intended for correct spiritual, not corporeal work. But for the time being they are not being used for their intended purpose.

Question: Are the prospects of implementing these ideas favorable from the point of view of the elite?

Answer: The elite know how to clip coupons from everything. If they were not interested in this, nothing would exist. They would have crushed everyone.

Who legalized drugs? At first they banned cigarettes: “They are so bad for you! We cannot agree with the fact that our society smokes.” And then they replaced them with drugs. In five or ten years, we will see how they will gradually get the entire population to be hooked on drugs.

Remark: I remember how in 2002 smoking was already forbidden in a hotel in Las Vegas and all the windows were closed. Back then it seemed so fantastic to me how much they were taking care of people’s health. And you said: “A strategic program is being implemented to replace smoking, which will transition into smoking drugs.”

My Comment: It was clear to see where this was heading. Nothing in the world happens just like that.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/7/17

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New Life #202 – Building Common Ground

New Life #202 – Building Common Ground
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


After a first date, you can build common ground by constructing an image of the other person within yourself. You need to listen without criticism and absorb the emotions of the other person as they speak in order to get to know them at the level of the soul. Attend a couples workshop together to learn about love, communication, and how to create a true family. It’s all about the inner connection!
From KabTV’s “New Life #202 – Building Common Ground,” 6/25/13

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