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Does Kabbalah Help Us Understand Our Actions?

laitman_549.02Question: Does Kabbalah help us understand the motivations and intentions of our actions and the actions of others?

Answer: Yes, of course. You need to analyze all your actions and desires.

And in addition, you also need to come to realize how much these actions are not yours. Everything that happens to you, you do not create, you do not make; you have no one to ask for forgiveness and no one to blame, including yourself. All of this was done by the Creator. He even said as much: “I have created the evil inclination.” And immediately added: “And gave you light, for you to correct the evil.”

Comment: Can you imagine if in court a person said: “The Creator did all this”?

Answer: No, in the court of law, there is no one to talk to. But if you are talking to yourself, you must admit to yourself that you have done nothing independently in your life: nothing good and nothing bad.

Your only real actions will be those you do when you start working above the screen—above the Machsom.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/3/17

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 207

laitman_281.02Question: What kind of role does the imagination have in the wisdom of Kabbalah? What is its place on the tree of Sefirot on any one of its levels?

Answer: Imagination helps us only in the process of attainment; it doesn’t exist independently.

Question: According to what scheme should one focus for the importance of something within myself so that this importance will not remain concealed until the world of infinity, so as not to go outside of the group, but also not to become dependent on the external manifestations of the group, like physical bodies, but in a spiritual context?

Answer: it is possible to do this only with the help of mutual support, Arvut (mutual guarantee)!

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Does The Creator Have Emotions?

laitman_282.02Question: Does the Creator have emotions?

Answer: We do not speak about the Creator. Regarding us, the Creator has no emotions. He is the absolute to whom we attribute our feelings, our actions, our thoughts, because it is convenient for us.

But in Him, there is nothing, and His attitude toward us is absolutely the same. He does not change, He is perfect. Therefore, His attitude toward us can be called absolute love, bestowal, and a good influence.

Saying that the Creator is angry, the Creator is dissatisfied, the Creator needs to do this or that, we speak from ourselves, because it is so much easier for us to direct ourselves to something that also changes in accordance with our actions. But in fact, there are no changes.

Moreover, the Creator is completely indifferent to how we behave and what we do. We ourselves begin to attain: “I need to behave differently; I have to be better, to rise above, etc. What do I attain, how does the world change?” But the Creator is above all our greatest intentions. It does not affect Him.

When we say that we want to give pleasure to the Creator, to bestow something to Him, to love Him—it is all about changing a person, and that is it!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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“So Miriam Was Confined Outside The Camp”

laitman_740.03Torah, Numbers 12:15 – 12:16: So Miriam was confined outside the camp for seven days, and the people did not travel until Miriam had entered. Then the people departed from Hazeroth, and they camped in the desert of Paran.

Question: Miriam is a very strong female image in the Torah. What is Miriam in a person?

Answer: Moses and Aaron are the two sides of the movement toward the Creator. Miriam is the lowest part, Malchut, that connects Moses and Aaron.

She continues the chain of prophetesses who came from Babylon (Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, and Rachel) and is their collective image. Now she accompanies the entire camp of the people of Israel, that is, the entire movement of a person to the Creator. When this quality is no longer required, she dies.

If it is written in the Torah that a person in the camp is sick, it means that he undergoes a spiritual correction and it is necessary to wait until it is over. It is impossible to advance without this. You cannot move forward because you have sick qualities. Miriam represents their common quality, common desire. Naturally since she fell ill with leprosy, she must be corrected. Only after this it is possible to move on.

It has never happened that the people would leave the sick in the desert. The movement forward is based on the fact that you constantly reveal egoistic qualities, correct them, and move on.

Question: Why does Moses pray for the people, for Miriam, all the time?

Answer: He always does what the Creator desires.

The fact is that Moses is the highest point in the soul that pulls a person to complete correction, to adhesion with the Creator. Moses, in this quality, is constantly fulfilling the inner desires of the Creator.

Look how they play! The Creator is constantly threatening the people and Moses protects them because Moses and the Creator are as if one whole, and all the rest are those qualities that must be corrected.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/25/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12/27/17

Preparation for the Lesson

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Lesson on Topic: “Building the Creator in the Ten” (Prep for the Convention, January 2018)

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Freedom,” “Two Creations: a) Man, b) A Living Soul”

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