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When Did The Term “Ego” First Appear?

laitman_208Question: Science believes that the term “ego” was introduced through Sigmund Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis. But Kabbalah is much older than psychology. When did this term first appear in it?

Answer: In Kabbalah, this term was originally called the desire to receive pleasure. It was introduced by Adam 5,778 years ago.
The desire to receive pleasure is the matter of our world.

Question: And when did the word “Kabbalah” appear?

Answer: I cannot say with full certainty when the word “Kabbalah” began to occur for the first time, but the ancient Greeks translated it as ‘reception’—that is, ‘receiving,” the science of receiving, of disclosure.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/10/17

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 12/15/17


Thought is the greatest force in creation. But we don’t see how thoughts determine everything happening. Studying Kabbalah lets us see the network of #forces permeating and governing the world. Also, it reveals how we control the world with our thoughts, consciously or not.

The Creator is the corrected you, because you’re made opposite to the Creator, the quality of unconditional love and bestowal. We study ourselves in order to correct ourselves to the opposite, and receive equivalence with the Creator. Kabbalah is #spiritual work.

#Hanukkah is a stop midway, from the ego (Malchut) to the quality of bestowal (Bina) and onward to perfection (Keter). We celebrate Hanukkah as a complete severance from the previous egoistic state, and as a firm foothold toward the state of complete spiritual correction.

How can we see the #future? All states exist, we just need to learn to see them! The future changes according to our attitude towards it. A Kabbalist knows that nature/the world can’t be changed, but a person can change upon request. How do you endure states? Don’t endure-enjoy!

Discordance is necessary to develop greater balance and #unity. The rule of overcoming discordance: nobody is right, the right decision lies in rising above discordance. Mutual guarantee provides an opportunity to constantly rise above revelations of discordance.

#Egoism differs from altruism by the intention: I want to do something for myself or for you. I can hug you, and it would be for me, or I can spank you, but it would be for you. It’s not the action, but the intention that determines the essence of an action.

Our path comprises 2 stages: concern for self (Lo Lishma, for oneself) & concern for others (Lishma, for others). In this measure & only through others do I fulfill the Creator as per the rule “from #love of others to love of Creator,” “He is among His people”—so He is revealed.

By rising to the #spiritual level we acquire the desire to bestow in addition to our initial desire to receive, and we can balance between them. By correctly combining these two desires to receive and bestow, we create from them a third component called “the human.”

Happy #Hanukkah, the holiday of light! May it be easy, pleasant and warm! Let’s open our hearts to one another and grow closer to the light, the quality of love and bestowal!

From Twitter, 12/15/17

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New Life #300 – Return To Nature

New Life #300 – Return to Nature
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


The strong monkey takes care of all the weak monkeys in the band and does not destroy anything. Humankind needs to learn from the examples nature gives us. The egoism of humankind destroys the world like a cancerous tumor because it is insatiable. We do not need to go back to living in the trees, but we do need to correct our attitude toward one another and all of creation.
From KabTV’s “New Life #300 – Return to Nature,” 2/13/14

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