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Rambam On Health

laitman_559Remark: The great physician and Kabbalist Rambam wrote: “Taking care of one’s health is a component on the path to the Creator, for it is difficult to understand and attain while being sick. Therefore a person should distance himself from everything that is harmful to the body, and accustom himself to what is healthy, to rebuild his well-being.”

My Comment: Rambam’s words can be interpreted on the spiritual level, as well as on the physical one, either of them is correct.

Everything written by him comes from spiritual attainment, so he was a great healer. His medical tractates and drawings still remain; they show how to trepan the skull, the brain, and how to treat such areas of our body that we still know very little about today. You can gain a great deal from his writings. I would advise doctors to learn from them.

Question: Would it be possible for a person to understand anything in Rambam’s books without instruction, without a teacher? He writes about spiritual states.

Answer: Relatively, yes. An ancient book survived to this day, called Rambam’s Recipes. But who would use it? It is written there that you should take, let’s say, some kind of a tree, mix it with something else, use it in a certain way, etc. In our day and age, there are amateurs that are engaged with this, but generally people prefer to take a pill and be done with it. No one will search for various roots, branches, or minerals.

Question: Is it true that during a meal a person should engage all his five senses? So there should be music and aromas?

Answer: This is how it was done in the past. A regular meal was conducted with music, scents, while assuming the correct position, leaning to your left, etc. All this is supported by our physiology.

Rambam wrote: “Every time a person eats, he should sit or lay leaning on his left. One should not walk or ride a horse, work, or make sharp movements, nor stroll until the food is digested.”

Remark: It is hard to imagine eating this way.

My Comment: Indeed, today we grab a hamburger on the street, inhaling some exhaust fumes with it, or drink a bottle of soda that contains 20 teaspoons of sugar per 200 grams of water, and this is considered normal.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/20/17

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“Dogs Bark And The Caravan Goes”

Laitman_049.01Question: Suppose a person started studying at one of our international Kabbalah Education Centers. Suddenly online he comes across criticism of Laitman’s Kabbalah. How should he react to this?

Answer: People should react as they please; it is their business. I hope to live a few more years, until I bring all those who wish to the spiritual goal, and during this time others will write many more “beautiful” pages about me.

How can you react to this? In no way. “Dogs bark, and the caravan goes.” We cannot do anything. This is human nature. Realizing this, I pay no attention to anything. So it’s easier for me. They are the ones who splutter with anger.

Question: Let’s say a new student is excited to read about Laitman. And then something bad comes to him, as nature plays with a man. Is there a freedom of choice?

Answer: Yes. Let him understand what Laitman says and what others say.

Question: What tools does he have to understand this?

Answer: It is a point in the heart. If it does not let him rest, it will force him to open not my but Baal HaSulam’s books. Gradually, he will begin to understand that they contain divine wisdom, which is the next level.

Therefore, he will not be able to confine himself only to performing mechanical actions in our world—any religion, no matter which—but he will want to comprehend the source of life and his fate, where he comes from, what and where he is. He will not be able to live without it and nature will force him.

All the problems that we see today—natural disasters, hurricanes, and wars—happen only to force a person to understand that he needs to find an answer to the question of the meaning of life. Otherwise life is completely empty.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/10/17

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 12/21/17


How do we reveal the #Creator in our world? Like a fossil can reveal the whole organism, so everything in the soul is included in a spark of light. We don’t make a new creation, but simply reveal the already existing mechanism of our connection with the Creator.

Our whole #life is a puzzle! But this puzzle contains the Creator’s design. So, by completing this puzzle, with the desire to attain its maker, we attain Him. Nothing is required of us but this search. Like an infant that suckles milk and grows.

One’s soul is part of the Creator. If one united with other parts/souls/aspirations toward the Creator, he senses that he gradually collects all of the Creator’s parts, acquiring His qualities, His light. This is the practical #Kabbalah .

Is man equal to God? Does He depend on us… #God

The war is btwn forces of separation & unity (toward Creator, toward me). Creator is the force of unity, so Maccabees won and added the force of unity to the single—day portion of oil, rising 8 levels from Malchut to Bina, bond with the Creator—hence the oil burned for 8 days.

When people’s opposite qualities unite for the sake of one a common goal, a group is born—harmony and #spiritual life is revealed. Each one works opposite the others, like musicians in an orchestra. “Concerto” means “accord” (Italian) and “competition” (Latin).

We must build a bond between us—a place where the Creator will be revealed. The Creator has no image—He is the force of bestowal that we project on the screen, on our #connection, which we make like Him. He manifests on this screen like a photograph​ic processing.

#​​Revelation of the upper world shows that man is a will to fulfill himself, changing only relative to Creator, the quality of bestowal, becoming more like Him. To the degree he acquires the quality of bestowal, this is called LIFE—living in the Creator/the upper world.

Extreme states in #spiritual work: darkness/descent/separation & light/ascent/nearing the Creator. A state of Hanukkah is acquired in the struggle btwn forces of light/darkness at each degree until one finds​​ a “point in heart”—can of oil—and lights it via adhesion w. Creator.

Like a flying saucer, the group moves from a level distant to the Creator to one near Him, depending on the crew’s unity—their similarity to the Creator. Uniting makes it a #Soul. As it becomes like the Creator, the surrounding field, it moves along 125 circumferences.

#​Spiritual space is a field of bestowal, an equivalence to the Creator, from minus through zero to plus. By uniting, a group senses itself in this space, returning to the Creator, being in a place farther (embryo level) or closer (higher level) relative to the Creator.

#Man thinks that the Creator must draw closer and reveal Himself, but in truth it is he who must correct himself so as to draw closer to and become more and more like the Creator. The difference is man’s perception: who must act and change, the person or the Creator.

From Twitter, 12/21/17

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New Life 477 – Creating Balance With The Positive Force

New Life 477 – Creating Balance With The Positive Force
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The human ego is an evil super force that destroys our chances for peace. It runs us, but there is an opposing positive force that can create balance on top of the negative egoistic force. Kabbalah teaches us how to discover and use this positive force so that we can communicate correctly with one another and build good lives.
From KabTV’s “New Life 477 – Creating Balance With The Positive Force,” 12/18/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12/22/17

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Preparation for the Convention 2018

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Freedom,” “In Spiritual Life, Take After the Individual”

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